This year might not be turning out to be the year we imagined it would be, social outings might be canceled but you know what isn’t? Fitness! Though some of us may not be able to go to the gym anymore there’s still a lot we can get done from the comfort of our homes. If working out has always been a big part of your routine then it’s especially important to maintain that to give yourself a sense of normalcy. If you’re just looking for something positive to add to your day then exercise is also perfect for you! Not only does it contribute to your overall physical health, but it can also help to keep you mentally grounded. Here are a few simple exercises you can do at home - with or without equipment.


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    Push-ups are a simple but effective way to build upper body strength. It’s a great way to work your triceps, pectoral, and shoulder muscles and can strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles. Using your body weight in these forms of workout is called calisthenics and is usually the preferred method. To increase the intensity you can use equipment such as a push-up stand or an ab roller. There are several variations that you can do depending on your fitness level. The traditional push up is the best way to start and then you can work your way up. For the best results, ensure you have the right technique. 

  • Start with your chest and stomach flat on the floor

  • As you push your body upward, exhale and bring your torso, chest, and thighs up

  • Hold yourself in a planking position for as long as you can 

  • Inhale as you go back into your starting position

Jogging or Walking:

    Jogging and walking are perhaps the easiest ways to workout and the easiest to add to your daily schedule. Almost all of us do it every day. By setting step or mile goals for yourself you can make it more challenging thus making it more effective. Since we’re currently encouraged to practice sheltering in place, you can jog or walk around your yard. If you don’t have adequate yard space, you can jog in place or invest in a treadmill. The aim is to get your breathing and heart rate up. There are several benefits you gain from regularly jogging - relieves stress, burns calories, and improves mood. 

Jump Rope:

    Remember when you were younger and you used to play jump rope? Did you know that that same childhood activity has many health benefits? As with any other intense physical activity you burn calories with the more work you put in. It’s also effective in working your arm, back, glutes, legs, and abdominal muscles. Jump rope as a form of exercise has become so popular that there are now numerous groups, challenges, and apps that can help you get the best outcome. 

    We might not be going to the beach just yet but we’re still going to be working on that beach body! Remember, before starting any new exercise routine, speak to your healthcare provider. Find out if you’re physically able to take on the exercise and if you need to make any adjustments to your diet to account for calories being burned - after all, nutrition and exercise go hand in hand!