Labour Day this year will be a little different but as a national holiday in Jamaica, it will still be celebrated. Since we won’t be able to go out and execute major projects like we usually do, we’ll have to get creative with projects that can be done at home. Here are a few you can consider. 

Spruce Up Your Yard

Looking for a new hobby or simply want to give your yard a bit of a makeover? Consider planting some new plants, mowing the lawn or pruning old trees for a new look. If you're thinking of getting into home gardening then you’ll want to try your hands at simple plants such as aloe vera which requires little care but has many benefits or your favourite flowers. If you choose to really test out your green thumb and plant fruits and vegetables, be sure to first plant things you actually enjoy eating. Whichever you choose to do, ensure the soil is well fertilized and hydrated. You may also choose to do something a little simpler and start a herb garden in your kitchen. For this, you will need small plastic or ceramic planters, some topsoil and a few sprigs of your favourite herbs to catch.

Spring Cleaning

Labour Day is the perfect opportunity to go all out with your cleaning. Reach for your favourite disinfectant or all-purpose cleaner and cleaning cloth and get to work. While you might not get to give the house a deep clean very often it is important that you do it at least 4 times each year, more frequently if you have allergies. Steam clean, vacuum your rugs, carpets and sofas and give your windows and walls a good wash from outside. End the day by giving it a burst of your favourite scent. We bet you’ll have a great night’s rest once you’re through!

Redecorate a Space

We’re home now more than we usually are and it’s almost definitely starting to get boring looking at the same decor and layout. Rearrange some of your furniture to give the room a new look. You can also add small decorative items to give the room a whole new look such as throw pillows or vases or even go bigger by repainting certain areas or items. Check out tutorials that show you how to transform furniture or household accessories with just a coat of paint. 

Being at home is no reason to miss out on Labour Day projects. Actually, they allow you to get even more creative and find things the whole family can get in on.