CONNECTECOMM, CoolMarket's first-ever eCommerce conference, is just around the corner! We have so much in store for you and can’t wait for you to embark on this journey with us. There will be a range of speakers who will share tips, tricks, insight and the motivation you need to get you going. Whether you’re new to eCommerce or you’re a seasoned veteran, we know you’ll benefit greatly from this conference. 

1. Dynamic Speakers:

We’ll be bringing to you seven speakers from different areas of the digital world. They will provide insight on digital marketing and eCommerce policy, how to run a safe site, how to make the most of this new area of business and so much more! By now we’re sure you’ve done some research into who these speakers will be and if you want to brush up on some information on eCommerce then check out these articles on marketing components in the digital age and how to choose a platform for your business. Remember - this is your big chance to really absorb as much information from these local and international industry leaders so make the most of this experience. 

2. Growth Opportunities:

Maybe you aren’t completely sold on the idea of joining the world of eCommerce, though who would pass up the opportunity to make money while they sleep? Or perhaps your business has hit a wall and you want to find a way to reignite it. The great thing about CONNECTECOMM is that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded Jamaican entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business. This presents you with the chance to network, build a community and get new ideas for how you can get additional income. Perhaps this will be where you find out why your business isn’t going as you hoped or you’ll make a partnership that takes things to the next level. 

3. Access to a Vibrant Conference Marketplace:

On the note of helping entrepreneurs - this conference comes with the added benefit of giving our CoolMarket sellers an opportunity to sell their products. If you’ve been thinking about joining the team you’ll be able to get firsthand information from our sellers. Of course, this also means that you get to splurge a little after the conference and shop as you mingle. This also offers you the chance to connect with established e-store owners who can help guide you as you grow your business (even more networking opportunities!)

We hope you’re now ready to enjoy this amazing experience! Be sure to take the next few days to prepare yourself.