Living in Jamaica, the land of wood and water, also means dealing with the sun even in the dead of “winter.” It’s one of the things that makes Jamaica one of the best winter tourist spots in the Caribbean. Still, living here 24/7 means grappling with some insanely hot days.

Last year, the hottest day of summer peaked at 36.9°C or more than 103°F, making it one of the hottest days Jamaica had seen in 23 years. Put another way, you could probably fry an egg on a zinc roof on that day. Even though we haven’t broken a temperature record this summer, you can’t deny that it’s intolerably hot some days.

Even though we live in a tropical climate, we’re susceptible to being hurt by this weather. What practical steps can you and your family take to beat the heat this summer? Let’s take a look.

Drink More Water

This first step may seem like a no-brainer, but in fact it isn’t. When you sweat excessively because of the summer heat, your body needs more water than you’d usually drink. It’s estimated that more than half the population is dehydrated and doesn’t know it. Did you know that when you start to feel thirsty, chances are your body is already dehydrated? Thirst isn’t a reliable indicator of your need to drink water.

Instead, try drinking at least 2.5 litres of water each day to stay properly hydrated this summer. Water is often sold in 1.5 litre bottles, so you’d need one and a half of those. (Stock your cupboard with Catherine’s Peak 1.5 litre water.)

Use Your Fan More Efficiently

Once you live in Jamaica, you definitely own a fan. However, are you using your fan the best way to cool down your living space? Whether it’s a ceiling fan or standing fan, there’s a tip you can use to make your room cooler during the days.

For standing fans, turning your fan to face the nearest window or open door will cool down the room faster than if you turn it facing you. Since fans suck in air from behind, it will get rid of the hot air in the room and replace it with cool air. (Get a Windy 16” standing fan.)

If you have a ceiling fan, set your fan to run counter-clockwise for an hour or two in order to cool down the room. To do this, look for a switch on the base of your fan, right above the lights. When your fan spins in the opposite direction, it will get rid of the hot air that has risen in your room. (Get a Roshan 52” ceiling fan.)

Invest In An Air-Conditioner

An air-conditioner is the easiest way to stay cool at home during this brutal summer heat. Still, buying one up front can seem impossible — not to mention the extra usage is expected to make your electricity bill higher. However, there is a way you can circumvent those two problems.

First, getting an inverter air-conditioner can help to drastically reduce your electricity costs. How? An inverter air-conditioner works by regulating the unit’s electricity usage through monitoring the temperature of the room. When the room has cooled to your desired temperature, the air-conditioner only uses a fraction of what it normally would to maintain the temperature.

But, even an inverter air-conditioner, though more energy-efficient can be an expensive upfront cost. However, getting financing may be a more effective way to enjoy the benefits of an air-conditioner without jeopardizing your financial situation. That’s why we created Cool Financing! For example you can own this Windy Inverter Air-Conditioner for as a low as $3,500 per week, with Cool Financing.

This summer may be sweltering, but you don’t have to melt in the heat! Use these tips to protect you and your family from the potentially dangerous heat ahead.