With some schools opening as early as late August, back to school time is already on the minds of many parents. Is it on yours?

What can you do to make this back to school season a great one for both you and your child(ren)? We’ve put together some of our favourite back to school tips that will help you. Let’s take a look.

Ease back into the routine slowly

After having fun all summer, your kids may be reluctant to adapt to their old routine. However, routines are important for your children — especially when it comes to school. Things that you can do to help your children ease into their routine is to change things back to normal at least two weeks before school starts. This means limiting the time they spend on their devices, ensuring that they go to sleep at the “school time,” and get at least 30 minutes of an educational activity done.

Help them prepare for the first day

If your child is going to a new school this September, help them prepare for their first day. If possible, tour the school with them on orientation. If they’ll be attending the same school, find out who their teacher will be if possible and help them to get acquainted with her. This will help them to know what to expect, and look out for a familiar face. Lastly, sit them down for a “pep talk,” and let them know how wonderful you know they are, that they’ll have a good day at school, and a few of the things they can expect.

Ensure that they keep in touch with friends at the same school

The first day of school is hard on its own, but without friends it can be even more difficult. Ensure that your children keep in touch with their friends that attend the same school, or that will be attending the same new school. Where possible invite them over, or arrange for them go out together. This bonding will help make the first few days less stressful for your child.

Give them what they need for school

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