It’s that time of the year again - back to school season! This is a time of major changes for most students and they need our support, whether it will be their first day of preschool or they’ll be pursuing their degree in university. Perhaps one of the best ways to nurture their inner Einstein and give them the support they need is to ensure they have all the school supplies required to tackle the school year head-on. If you don’t have a child going back to school, you might know someone who could use the assistance. Here are some ways you can help.


Each year the Ministry of Education ensures that textbooks are either made available at schools or a list is provided for students to purchase their own. It can be quite a task walking from one bookshop to the next trying to find all the items on the list but we have made things a lot easier! You can check our site for books for preschool, primary school, high school and beyond. If you’re donating books to someone or a school you could also have them delivered directly to the recipient. 


Schools and students are always in need of stationery supplies! Pens, pencils, erasers - they are always getting lost. It works out better for everyone to just purchase these in bulk and have them on standby. If you find you have more than you need, don’t forget - you can always donate them to another student or a school. 


If your child is moving on to another school and their uniforms from the year before are still intact consider donating them to the school or reselling them. This can contribute to the expenses you’ll need to cover new uniforms, shoes and gear for physical education. If you are a student pursuing your tertiary education then you also know the value of cutting costs on clothing where you can. Here you might want to take advantage of the convenience of online shopping and check out online clothing stores such as Cool Market to review costs and seek out deals. 


A word of advice - invest in good quality backpacks and lunch bags. They might seem expensive initially but when you consider not having to purchase a new one each year - they really pay for themselves. Having a good lunch bag also means that you can provide your child with lunches made at home. Another way to provide them with the support they need to excel at school is nurturing their mind and body with good food. 

Be there

Above all - be there for them. The importance of education cannot be overstated and having the support of people who care can do so much more for a student’s performance than any item you could purchase. Some students and schools need more support than others - seek them out. There are many special education schools that would be happy to have volunteers or donated supplies. Look into how you can play a part in helping a child be the best student they can be. 

What are some other ways you think you can support students on their journey to greatness? Let us know below!