For some working from home is a must and for others, it’s a luxury. With the recent boom in remote work in North America and the boom in individuals going the route of entrepreneurship and consultancy work in Jamaica, setting up a comfortable and productive space at home is a must.


Here are a few essential items for your home office that will get you working, and make you feel like a boss!


1.       Supplies, Supplies & More Supplies.

Find the tools you need to bring your ideas to life here. These essential items need to be in full stock at all times to maintain productivity. Nothing is worse than running out of pens or sticky notes when you're in the middle of a thought or project.


As convenience is the name of the game for busy professionals, CoolMarket makes it easy to stock and restock on some of the best office supplies to ensure you never miss a beat.


2.     A Comfy Chair Cares

    Your derriere will thank you later for providing cushiony support when you need it most. Working from home is hard, and may require long hours, which might lead to lots of sitting. One definite must-have for your office is a comfy chair that cares. This staple piece will add support, which will contribute to your productivity and earnings.


    If you see clients in your home office or have regular face to face pow-wows, another great addition would be a modern couch. This will create a level of comfort and ease for your guests to get the juices flowing for an engaging conversation.


3.     Functional Aesthetic Accessories

Breathe in and breathe out freshness with a must-have accent plant. Making your space greener helps to remove harmful and unwanted toxins from the air. This desk planter is the perfect addition to your space once paired with a nice shrubby plant or a succulent.


Another must-have accessory is a statement lamp. This will be both a functional and eye-catching element in your office. Crucial for those late night projects and mandatory to show off your personality. This is a fairly inexpensive addition to your office that could make a world of difference.


4.    Handy Hardware

    No office is complete without the machines. When setting up your office there are a few purchases that will be key to consider. These include a laptop/desktop, printer/scanner & AC/fan. Depending on your needs, lifestyle and budget you may decide to only get items that are absolutely crucial. These may include just a laptop and a standing fan. Or you may be able to splurge, getting a desktop, AC unit and a printer.


Whatever your current needs, your office should be furnished with the best hardware for all your professional endeavours.


5.     Inspiration

It’s easy to get distracted and deterred under work pressure. Having an inspirational piece in your office can lift your mood on those down days. No need to go out and purchase something on canvas (unless you want to), you can find lots of inspirational images or quotes online. A simple paper print will do. Then mount with a clipboard in a place that is directly in your line of sight for easy viewing. You can also place in a picture frame or mount to the wall with some decorative tape.


We guarantee that you will feel comfortable, productive and inspired with these 5 home office must-haves.


We are sure you will find a few must-haves of your own to add to this list. We would love to hear what you find or if you have some must-haves in your office that aren’t on our list.