In a previous article, on how to shop for a smartphone online it was highlighted that vital factors like camera quality, processing power, and battery life, to name a few are important when looking for a smartphone. These are certainly among the most important things to keep in mind when buying a smartphone today. However, there’s another major factor that we’ll soon be considering, likely in the next year: compatibility with augmented reality (AR) smart glasses. 

Long-rumoured as the next big thing in wearable tech, AR glasses are now believed to be right around the corner. Apple is almost certainly developing its own, and its competitors are sure to follow suit (or even try to beat Apple to market). While some of us may feel strange about the notion of pairing our phones with smart glasses or even wearing such glasses on a regular basis, there are several reasons to be excited about them. 

1. Existing Apps Will Be Better

Look at the best AR apps of today and you’ll see a lot of creative experiences already. There are virtual legos, simulated remote control cars (including a life-size Porsche), measurement tools, informative scanners, and even dance lesson programs. Some of these are genuinely fascinating and fun - but they’re also all limited, and to some extent inconvenient, given that right now AR works through our phone screens. Simply put, once our phones can project these same experiences through smart glasses, the apps will reach their full potential. 

2. We’ll All Be Smarter

Imagine interacting with someone who’s speaking a foreign language and immediately understanding what that person is saying via real-time translation. Or think about how nice it would be to speak a math problem out loud and know the answer. These are just a few of the things AR glasses will actually be able to help us accomplish. The convenience of internet research and problem-solving will essentially become instantaneous, at least in a few ways, and we’ll all be smarter (or at least seem smarter) as a result. 

3. Casino Games Will Finally Be Fun

Casino games have existed in digital form for decades, from early flash poker sites to modern apps. Only recently have free slot options online married high-end game design with accessibility, however, and it’s happened right on the eve of AR’s emergence. It may well be that, in short time, dull mobile casino apps are replaced by 3D, virtual versions of sophisticated online slots and poker rooms, making a game genre that’s been in its own niche for years suddenly more engaging and enjoyable than ever. 

4. Creative Applications Will Abound

Virtual reality (VR) and AR have already demonstrated an ability to help users draw, paint, and sculpt in 3D space, and this introduces all sorts of creative potential for AR glasses. In all likelihood, we’ll simply be able to put on our glasses, load up related apps, and get to work. We’ll edit digital photos by hand, create original artwork that we can save as images, and possibly even craft sculptures that can then be 3D-printed into physical space. 

5. Health Tracking Will Improve

Current mobile tech, on both smartphones and smartwatches, can help us to monitor vital health statistics, track workouts, and more. But many of us still don’t take advantage of these features simply because they’re limited in their convenience. With AR glasses, convenience will become an afterthought. For those who choose to make use of these features, health and workout data will simply be visible in the field of vision. 

Are you ready to step into the future of tech?