Carpe Diem! Live life to the fullest!

A quote most know well but don’t really live by. We think we don’t have the resources or time or activities to live each day fully, but we actually do, it just takes a little creativity and some extra help to get you there. Here are 5 road trip spots to check out and 5 ways Cool Oasis helps you get there. 

  1. Road Trip Hot Spot #1

Murray’s Fish and Jerk Hut

When was the last time you took a trip across the island just to savour the delicious food of our people? You should definitely plan one soon and add Murray’s Fish and Jerk Hut to the list. Located in Clarendon, Murray’s is famous for its delectable assortment of jerk meats, seafood and more! It’s located right by the side of the road with a hut that allows you to buy your meal and dig right in immediately. 

Cool Oasis helps to get you to Murray’s Fish and Jerk Hut with Optimized Locations. Cool Oasis has gas stations across 12 parishes which means you don’t have to go far to get to your Coolest gas station. With 32 Travelers' Havens and depot as well as 59 gas stations that were purchased from Shell, Cool Oasis gas stations are exactly where you need us to be, offering you great service and even better deals. 

  1. Road Trip Hot Spot #2

Columbus Park

If you are a history fan then this spot is perfect for you. If you just love a great location for some selfies then this works too! Columbus Park, located in Discovery Bay, is the spot where Columbus first stepped on Jamaican soil on his arrival. The area is decorated with artefacts and offers a most idyllic view of the Caribbean Sea. 

The C in our “Cool Oasis” stands for Convenience. Some of the locations are outfitted with not only an ATM but also a convenience store, so you can get more done while you’re on the go visiting historical sites. Running late? You can fuel up both your car and tummy without missing a beat. If you’ve been on the road for too long and need to take a breather, you can relax and use the clean facilities in comfort.

  1. Road Trip Hot Spot #3

Sometimes your road trip takes you off the beaten path - sometimes it even takes you completely off the path! A bar in the sea sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well in south St. Elizabeth it is very much a reality! You can stop by Floyd’s Pelican Bar which is only a short boat ride from shore and enjoy a dip in the fairly shallow waters around the bar, meals prepared from freshly caught seafood and ice-cold beverages. 

Don’t break the road trip vibe, gas up and enjoy the Colourful Personalities at Cool Oasis. Not to brag but we have the Coolest team! Just like the bright colours on the gas station walls, our team is a cheerful, colourful bunch. You are guaranteed excellent customer service at every location and seamless transactions with our competent staff. 

  1. Road Trip Hot Spot #4

Fern Gully

Since the development of the highways, Fern Gully has not been as trafficked as times past. However, it still maintains its beauty and tranquillity. On your next trip from Kingston to Montego Bay (or vice versa!) consider taking the longer, more scenic route. Roll down your windows, let the cool crisp air blow through and enjoy that beautiful piece of nature. If you wish to have a keepsake from that moment, stop by one of the few craft vendors still along the path and get some handmade art or snap some pics. We guarantee they’ll be Insta-worthy.

On the way to Montego Bay ensure you stop by one of our many locations and take advantage of the Free Wi-Fi - Out of data? That’s ok. You can feel free to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi to check important messages or tune into IRIE FM to listen out for the Cool Word of the day. (P.S. We have an ongoing promo where you can win $10,000 each day, go check it out)

  1. Road Trip Hot Spot #5

Ahhh...Ras Natango Gallery and Garden Tours

There is so much of our island that our citizens have yet to see and we’re sure this natural beauty is one of those places. Ahhh...Ras Natango Gallery and Garden Tours is located in Camrose, St. James and is 2000 ft above sea level, offering an amazing view of the city below. Feed hummingbirds, relax in the shade and enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of your regular day. 

Cool Oasis has Best Fuel Rates, to get you there and back. We keep our prices low. We know that gas prices fluctuate very frequently but as the largest distributors of fuel in Jamaica, it is part of our mission to offer our customers the best possible prices. 

We know we can count on you stopping by soon - whether to check out our Cool competition or to experience just how far Cool Oasis can help you go further! Can’t wait to see you.