With schools being out, various summer camp programmes have begun, giving parents a fun way to keep children occupied and taken care of during the holidays. Summer camps are different from the traditional summer school in that the activities are more free-flowing than academic based. Many of these camps are now being themed for the interests of different groups of children. These camps, no doubt, have specific requirements but here are a few general summer camp essentials you should add to your child’s list. 


Whether your child will be going to a day camp or an overnight camp - your child’s medication is one of their necessities. Also, include a few extra doses just to be prepared for any mishaps. Depending on the age or rules of the camp, the camp nurse or caregiver will keep them in a safe space until needed. 

Change of clothing

Younger children and those attending camps with outdoor activities or messy ones such as painting will require an extra set of clothes to either change into when they arrive or when going home. It’s probably not the best idea for them to paint in their finest gear. Keeping in mind that some of these camps will require specific gears - here are a few to add to your list:

  • Swim gear - goggles, floaties, swimwear

  • Sports gear - tennis shoes, sneakers, sportswear

Overnight items

A few camps are actually overnight camps which means that your child will be away from home for several days. For those camps, you might have to purchase a tent, sleeping bag (or a bed similar to this one, pack toiletries and snacks


While you’re getting ready to pack you can’t forget the most important thing - something to pack it all in. For day camps you can choose to use a regular backpack that can fit all the items needed. For longer camps where more items need to be packed, a suitcase or duffel would be more suitable. To help keep things more orderly, have your child help with packing and put different categories of items in smaller bags so they are easier to find when needed. Here are some ways you can save space while packing

Reusable water bottle

A reusable water bottle is definitely a must-have as children will be running around outdoors in the hot sun. Camps will provide access to water so your child can fill their bottle and keep it on hand. This will encourage them to stay hydrated which is crucial as temperatures have been rising to record highs. 

Something to collect the memories

You can’t forget to help them find ways to keep the memories of this great experience! You can use scrap books, albums or even a memory box. 

So, what do you say? Are you ready for their summer adventure to begin?