Did you know that weight loss is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions? 

We often think we need a gym membership to get on track but the truth is that everyday changes are a great way to get started.

Here we list a few everyday items that can be used to help you get on track for your fitness goals:

Blenders: Whether you choose one that stays at home or one you can take to the office - a blender is the quickest way to make a healthy smoothie, packed with all the nutrients and calories you need. 

Juice Extractor: Juicing will always be on-trend and when dieting you’ll want to avoid commercial juices which can be high in unhealthy sweeteners. Instead, your juice extractor can help you get the most out of your fruits and vegetables so you can enjoy a healthy homemade option. 

Slow Cooker: Can you time saver? There are so many healthy meals you can make in your slow cooker that won’t require you to spend all day in the kitchen. You can set it to start cooking while you clean, exercise or sleep and come back to a delicious meal. From soups to stews to roasts - what more could you ask for? 

Digital Fryer: If you’re looking to reduce the amount of unhealthy fat you eat but don’t want to give up fried foods cold-turkey then the digital fryer is perfect for you. You can still get your crunchy fix without the use of oil. Digital (or air) fryers fry foods by circulating hot air. Similar to the slow cooker - you can set the time and heat at which you want your food to cook and it pretty much does all the rest of the work for you. 

Here we list a few some equipment that you can use at home or in the park. 

Ankle Weights: Want to take your workout up a notch? Adding ankle weights can help you better target the muscles in your glute and are extremely versatile. They can be moved to various areas of your legs and don’t restrict movement. 

Ab Roller and Push Up Bar: One of the main areas targeted in exercise is the abdominal area - summer body anyone? This multifunctional equipment will help you hit all those areas. The ab roller allows you to extend your body (typically from kneeling) into a planking position. The push-up bars adds a more intense level of workout to your push-ups by allowing more range of motion and giving you a deeper push-up. 

Elliptical: The elliptical will remind you to never skip leg day. This handy machine gives you a great cardio workout, works your leg and arm muscles and is great for beginners. If you have injuries or illnesses that affect your joints, the elliptical machine can still be used - once cleared with your physician, of course.

Sports Earphones: We know - earphones are technically not a piece of workout equipment but having a good soundtrack to exercise to makes it much more fun. And for that, you need the right kind of earphones. Sports earphones allow you to stay active without getting tangled in cords and the sound quality is superb. 

Ready to get fit and stay fit? We hope these tips helped! Remember to consult your physician and a fitness trainer before beginning any new diets or workout techniques.