School’s out for summer! While not much will be different since schools have been physically closed for the last 3 months, now it will be up to you, the parents, to help keep your children occupied throughout the summer months. We’re sure they will be more than happy to spend their newfound freedom glued to their screens, catching up on the latest tv shows and movies on Netflix or Disney Plus but here are some other activities to add to their day. 

Finding a New Hobby or Skill

There are so many options when it comes to fun, simple things your child can learn to do on their own. From art and craft to learning to cook or sew - help them find something they have an interest in that they can build on. YouTube has numerous tutorials that they can use to guide them. You can also find ways to turn their social media interests into something more fruitful. Editing content for Tik Tok, Facebook or Instagram is a great way for them to develop valuable skills that can later be used professionally. 

Reading More

The old adage ‘readers will be leaders’ is still true. During the school year, your child might have spent more time reading educational material for class than simply reading for fun. Encourage them to include reading in their summer routine. For younger children, you can spend time reading a few chapters of a book together at bedtime and for those who are able to read alone, you can help them create a booklist and challenge them to complete them within a set time frame. 

Enjoying the Outdoors

With the outbreak of COVID-19 came limitations on being out and about as we’ve become accustomed. With the added change in having classes being conducted virtually, children have not been getting as much time outside as usual. While things aren’t back to normal now is a chance for them to get outside, soak up the sun and fresh air. To make things more fun, get them outdoor games and activities to enjoy. Spend some time as a family creating your new normal and enjoying this freedom. 

As we slowly get into new routines and get used to all the changes COVID has brought, let us also find ways to make the most of life’s simple pleasures.