So many deals, so many options! It might be hard to decide just what to purchase this Black Friday but before you get swept away be sure to really think your choices through. Some online stores have already published their deals while others will wait until the 11th hour before making their announcement. We’re sure you already have an idea of the items you want to get and now we’re going to help you make a definitive decision by looking at what to buy and what is best avoided. 

Great Deals:

Black Friday has always been known as the ideal day to purchase major electronics and appliances. During the Black Friday sale you can get discounts as high as 90% of some of these items. 

TVs: You’ll want to take time to research the best brands and models before making your purchase but with brands such as LG, Samsung, TCL and Panasonic you can rest easy. You’ll also want to make sure that if you’re purchasing from overseas stores such as Best Buy or Amazon that you don’t end up paying more than the original cost in tariffs and shipping. 

Computers: Much like with TVs you;ll want to think about the brand and model before making a purchase. You’ll also have to factor in your needs - it’s not just about getting a great deal, you need to ensure that it’s worth your money. While the item might be significantly cheaper than usual, is it ideal for what you need? 

Appliances: Yep - you heard right! Household appliances usually have a long shelf life which makes them a great buy during Black Friday. While the most recent models might not be heavily discounted, the ones that will be made available will still be of great quality. 

Smart Home Devices: Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit - smart home devices have become the new trend and will definitely be discounted this Black Friday!  That being said, Apple devices are best avoided during this season but we’ll get more into that in a while. 

Games and Consoles: New games will be released in 2020 and the old ones need to come off the shelf. This makes Black Friday the perfect time to stock up on games from your favourite franchises. Consoles and other gaming accessories will also be heavily discounted so getting  bundle won’t break the bank! 

Deals to Avoid:

A discount is only worth it if you actually save in the long run and get great usage from the product. Some items, while cheap to purchase, might be costly to ship or not last very long. 

Clothes: Most clothes stores have their major deals at the end of each season rather during Black Friday. It’s best to wait until January to upgrade your wardrobe or, if you’re a frequent flyer, stock up on winter gear for next year at the end of March. 

Furniture: Furniture is not usually high on the list of demands during this period so furniture stores tend not to offer any great deals. Additionally the cost to ship would make it more than the original cost - definitely not worth the purchase! 

Apple Products: Apple is not known for offering discounts on their products and when they do it’s never a significant price drop. Items that would be discounted are going to be later models and these deals will be available beyond the Black Friday period, regardless. 

Toys: The best time to buy toys is just before Christmas - that’s when you’ll get the best deals! It might be tempting to start purchasing gifts for the little ones during Black Friday but resist the urge and wait for the prices to drop in December. 

We hope this helps you score some great deals this season!