The year is drawing to a close and with it comes the biggest buying event of the year - Black Friday. We’re sure you’ve been making your wishlist, checking it twice (or more!) just waiting to see what great deals your favourite online store will have. Here’s how you can make the most of this year’s sales. 

How to Make the Most of Black Friday:

  1. Decide early on what you really need and then make another list of things you want. Use these two lists to track coupons and deals as well as how the prices have changed recently. This list should also guide your research - check for specifications, reviews, best stores to purchase these items from - make it your map to navigate the Black Friday deals.

  2. Know what stores you can trust. Amazon and eBay are perhaps the most popular sites for Black Friday shopping but you can also look into other international sites such as Newegg, Wal-mart or Best Buy. Jamaica has also been getting on-board with the Black Friday trend so don’t forget to check out your local online stores such as CoolMarket. 

  3. You can add items to your cart or ‘save for later’ on certain sites such as Amazon so you can receive updates when the prices drop. 

  4. Add extensions to your browser that will help you track prices. Honey is a great option that shows you how the price of items has changed in a certain period, share available coupons and give you reward points that can then be used for other purchases. Win-win-win!

  5. Pace yourself. Black Friday used to be a one-day event but that is no longer the case. Now it extends across the weekend and some stores have even included Cyber Monday as a bonus sale day specifically for electronics. Try not to be pressured into making a purchase as soon as you see a sale. 

Budgeting for Black Friday

Create a budget so you don’t overspend. Yes, we know that those discounts can make anyone go just a little overboard but remember - the point of shopping on Black Friday is to get deals so you can save money. Have a specific amount in mind that you want to spend and do not go above that. By now you should already have a fair idea of what you want to get for Black Friday and if you’re one to closely track price drops, you might already be able to guess what the price range will be for these items. If you aren’t sure how much your wishlist might cost you then what you’ll need to do is figure out how much you can afford to spend. Once you have done this, prioritize your items so you make the most important purchases first. 

Payment Options

Once you have settled on a budget you’ll need to decide on the best payment options based on where you live, where you’re making purchases and the perks that come from using certain payment options. If you’ll be shopping on our site on Black Friday, you can take advantage of Cash On Delivery, Bank Transfer, Cool Financing, CPay or credit/debit card payment methods. You should also keep in mind that most credit cards do ‘cash back’ on certain purchases and even have specific stores that they partner with to give you greater benefits. With other stores, sites or payment options you can receive reward points or an additional discount. When choosing sites to shop on find out if they have a membership option or store card that will give you benefits when you make purchases. Two examples of this are Amazon Prime which gives you assess to Prime items and the store card offered by Children’s Place which gives you access to additional discounts. 

Black Friday Must-Haves 

If you haven’t yet created your wishlist and you’re wondering about items you should get - we have a few suggestions!

  • Tablets/Kindles - these bad boys are extremely versatile and make great gifts. With Christmas just a few weeks away you want to start thinking of what to get your loved ones and Black Friday is the perfect time to make these purchases. 

  • Kitchen appliances - the ‘new year, new me’ resolution will no doubt be on your lips come January and one of the top things people focus on is health - specifically eating better. Cash in on the discounts on appliances such as Instant Pots, Nutri-Bullets, slow cookers and other items that can help you meal plan!

  • Laptops/computers - year-round computers and laptops cost a pretty penny but during the Black Friday weekend, their prices drop ridiculously low. Some brands will even have their own sales on their sites so be sure to check them first.

  • Phones - we’re always looking to upgrade but we’re often limited by the prices. Well, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are definitely the days to strike!  

  • Electronic accessories - now here is where you might go a little crazy with spending. From smartwatches to headphones to external storage - the prices on these items drop so low and often for a short time that you’ll be tempted to buy them all. Just remember to stick to your plan - if you don’t need it then move on. 

  • Clothes - in addition to the Black Friday discounts on clothing items, many stores will be having their seasonal sales to get summer and fall items out and make space for winter clothes. Living in the tropics means we get that bonus! 

Black Friday is definitely the sales event of the year and if you plan properly, you can get more than your money’s worth!