If you have ever shipped items from overseas you are aware of the hefty markup on products due to the policies set by our Customs Agency. Items priced over $50 and of a certain weight and size attract a large fee. Since most of the items shipped are electronics such as smartphones or laptops, and large appliances such as television sets and refrigerators, consumers have quite a load to bear. There is, however, a faster and more inexpensive option - shopping locally. 

Little to No Wait Time -  Get It Now!

Even with Amazon Prime delivering your package to overseas shipping addresses, your item will take days or weeks to make it here. When you shop locally you can reduce this wait time to 48 hours. Many online stores such as CoolMarket offer next day delivery, right to your home or office! Even better - you often have the option of free delivery on purchases over $5,000.

Financing Your Electronics Purchase

Few international e-stores offer you a payment plan which means if you urgently need an item but can’t afford to cover the cost immediately you’ll be unable to make the purchase. After adding the cost to ship, clear and pick-up or have the item delivered, it starts to make you wonder if it’s truly worth it. Local stores, on the other hand, often offer layaway or other payment plans. There is also the added benefit of being able to choose various payment methods if you don’t have access to a credit card.  

Peace of Mind If Something Goes Wrong

There’s always a concern when ordering from abroad that your item might arrive damaged or not as described. To make matters worse - even if it does have a warranty the cost to send it back tends to be so high that it makes little to no sense so you’re stuck with something you either don’t want or can’t use. When purchasing an item locally you can confirm the return policy or warranty details and making an exchange is fairly simple. CoolMarket offers two types of warranty options depending on the cost of your item. In some cases, these warranties are valid for up to 15 months giving you added peace of mind when making purchases of valuable items such as electronics or large appliances. 

Though eBay, Amazon and other overseas stores might have inexpensive items, the cost quickly adds up with shipping and customs duty.

Say goodbye to customs fees and shop locally!