What to give the man who helped shape your life, the life of your kids and helped you to become the person you are today. With Father’s Day just around the corner, that question is definitely on your mind. If you haven’t gotten a gift for the father in your life, this guide is exactly what you need.

Regardless of your father’s personality, CoolMarket definitely has a gift or two that will suit him, and with two-day shipping available you’ll definitely be able to get his gift in time for Father’s Day. Let’s dive into CoolMarket’s Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide!

For The Techy Dad

Does your father love all things tech? Is he tickled by new advancements in technology, and loves to be on the cutting edge of what’s hot and new in the electronic world? If that’s the case, he’ll love these gifts.

A Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality is the next frontier, and your tech-loving dad will have fun exploring it. This Canbor Virtual Reality headset is the perfect choice — now on sale, for just $5,000!

A New Tablet

Handheld tablets are perfect for gaming, catching up on sports or watching videos and listening to music. Get an affordable tablet from CoolMarket. This ASUS Memo Pad 7 is priced at just $13,500, and has 16GB of internal storage.

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An Amazon Echo

Amazon’s voice-activated assistant, Alexa is one of the finer things in the tech world. Your dad will love the ability to hook up his Amazon Echo to his Smart Devices and give it commands, like playing music and reading the news. Sweet! The Amazon Echo Dot is on sale for just $10,071, and it’s more advanced counterpart, the original Amazon Echo is on sale for $33,071.

Amazon Echo - $33,071.80

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For The Dad Who Loves To Cook

Who said the kitchen is only for women? If your father loves to cook, he’ll love a gift that will help him create more delicious dishes. Take a look at these affordable products available on CoolMarket.

A 20-Piece Blender Set

Is your father a fitness junkie, or is currently starting on the path to living a healthy lifestyle? This Brentwood 20-piece blender set will be a gift he uses every single day.

A New Coffee Maker

Is your father a coffee-enthusiast? If he is, he’ll definitely love a new coffee maker, and at just $9,108 this 12-cup coffee maker will make his mornings magical. This Coffee maker gives you the option to customize the strength of your brew.

A Standing Mixer

Does your father love to bake? If he does, he’ll love this gift. Get him a standing mixer to make his baking less-time consuming and more enjoyable. Did we mention it’s only $9,098?

Brentwood 6-Speed Stand Mixer - $9,098.65

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For The Dad Who Loves His Car

It’s a fact that men love their cars, and your dad is no different. Why not get him a gift that he’ll appreciate, like some car accessories? CoolMarket has affordable options. Let’s take a look!

Car Speakers

What’s a car without some good speakers? Gift your dad this set of JVC speakers. That will definitely make him happy!

JVC Car Speakers - $4,444.13

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Car Radio

A new radio is bound to put a smile on your father’s face! Get him a new one from CoolMarket.

More Gift Options For Dad

But, what if your father doesn’t fit any of those categories or you’re looking for something more to give him? Don’t worry! As Jamaica’s largest online marketplace, you’re bound to find something he’ll love. Let’s take a look at some other options for gifts that your dad may like.

Electronics He’ll Love

Our electronics category is filled with products that your father will definitely appreciate.


Something To Lift His “Spirits”

We’ve got a wide selection of wines and spirits that your father will love!

Fragrances & Grooming Products To Keep Him Looking and Smelling Good

Gift him a new cologne, and give your father the gift of smelling great. In addition, you can also give him grooming products to complete the look.


Don’t Know What To Get Him? Get A Giftcard!
If you don’t know what to get your father, here’s a solution: get him a gift card. Just purchase a gift card and he can log on to CoolMarket and purchase what he likes
Why choose CoolMarket? ‘Cause anything you want, we’ve got it! Don’t wait. Grab your father an amazing gift before time runs out. Put a smile on his face