The future is digital and access to the latest electronics and tech means we can stay connected in more than one way. The outbreak of COVID-19 has reminded us of the importance and necessity of virtual connections. With work, school, entertainment and business being moved online, you need to ensure your devices are able to keep up with this new demand.

This guide will give you all the information you need to stay in the game. We’ve outlined the steps you need to take when planning to purchase your new electronic items. From lightweight computers to media players and smartphones, we’re making the process simple and easy. We also know that with the current pandemic, you’ll quite likely prefer to shop online rather than visit a physical store. Fortunately for you -  CoolMarket offers islandwide delivery!

It’s the digital age and whether we want to admit it or not - there are electronics that we need in order to function in the 21st century. Here are a few items to add to your ‘must-have’ list, especially as you spend more time at home. 


Smartphone or ‘bangaz’ - you can’t survive in 2020 without a cellphone. Not only is this the easiest and most convenient means of communication, but smartphones also allow you to complete so many transactions on the go through SMS, apps and emails.

You want to pay close attention to the specs of the phone you choose to ensure it’s suitable for your needs. Things to consider are storage space - particularly if the memory is upgradable, camera quality, compatibility with your favourite apps, screen size and ability to use two SIM cards. Check out our selection of the best unlocked phones of 2019 to help guide your search.


Whether you choose to use a laptop or desktop, computers are always essential. You can choose from compact, affordable options if you only need one for light or leisure use; or go for a more heavy-duty machine for work or gaming purposes. Take into consideration what tasks you’ll need your computer to perform. 

If you are looking for a computer to serve the family at home, then a desktop is a great option. If you’re a gamer, focused on web or graphic design or heavy media editing then you’ll want a system with a lot of processing power, memory and a large graphics card. For lighter tasks such as entertainment, writing reports (or other tasks that relate to the Microsoft Suite or Google Docs), you can go for something with less power. These would be less expensive and typically more compact, making them more portable. Things that should be considered in general are the weight of your computer, screen size, battery life, ease of use as well as accessibility to parts or repair companies nearby. 


A great, portable option to a computer is a tablet. These come in handy for parents, who are always on the go and require something to keep them occupied., as well as lovers of e-books. You can find a tablet to meet your specific needs and suit your budget. 

When choosing a tablet, the main things to consider are screen size, battery life, compatibility with popular apps and memory. If you want a multifunctional tablet - one that can be used for work, for instance, consider those that can accommodate accessories. You can use a mouse, stylus or keyboard with some tablets. 


 TVs have gotten a major upgrade. No longer do you have to settle with just local television stations or buy into expensive cable subscriptions. With smart TVs coming in a range of prices you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to enjoy the luxury. 

Purchasing a TV used to be just about the best brand and screen size but the improvements over the years has made the process a lot more involved. Consider purchasing a set with 1080 resolution or 4K as most videos are now in high-res. As it regards picture, you’ll also have to decide between LED or OLED. LED is backlit which means light shines through a panel of crystals to create the picture. With OLED, each pixel turns on and off and adjusts on its own, resulting in a better quality picture. There is also the choice between smart and non-smart tvs. With your regular TV you aren’t able to enjoy the benefits of connecting your set to the internet and streaming content directly. Instead you would regular a media player such as a FIrestick which means you’ll have to ensure your TV has an HDMI port and is compatible with your media player of choice. 

Digital Media Players

Digital media players allow you to turn a regular TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV. Some of the most popular digital media players are the Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast and the Zoomtak Android TV Box

Now that you’ve decided what to buy you’ll need to choose the ideal place for them in your home. Some of the factors you need to consider are space, accessibility and safety. 

If you live in a small home or have a small entertainment area you might want to avoid having a large TV stand or entertainment set and opt instead for a wall mount. This will save you a lot of floor space that can then be used for other furniture such as a couch. If you only have one television set you’ll also want to consider how accessible it is to those within the home. Rather than have it in a bedroom you might consider a more common area. 

Electronics such as your television or home theatre system that can be mounted on the wall not only save space - they create dimension and add to the aesthetics of the room. For other electronics that aren’t mountable other options may have to be considered. 

Laptops have the advantage of being compact and portable - desktops, on the other hand, are stationary, heavy and take up significantly more space. Having a sturdy desk for your desktop is a must as it needs to be able to bear the weight of the machine. It is also advised that your computer be kept in a clean, well-ventilated room in order to prevent overheating. 

Others such as gaming systems require little storage space. Since these are usually connected to a computer monitor or TV so it’s reasonable to have them stored together. 

You might think that you’re all set to outfit your home with the latest tech and gadgets but be sure to apply these five tips when you go to make those purchases! 

Read the Specifications:

Before dropping your hard-earned cash on a new TV or smartphone, ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. Do some research to find out the specs on the devices you’re considering and compare different brands and models. While one brand might seem to be more popular than another you need to focus on which meets your specific needs. For instance, if you are a graphic designer you will require a completely different type of computer with a greater processor than someone who only does light work. 

Check the Reviews:

Checking the specifications is only part of the research needed. Read reviews written by verified users and posted on trusted sites such as CNET. Watch demo videos on YouTube as this will also give you an idea of just how the item will function. These reviews typically give an idea of the pros and cons of the item as well as what they would be best suited for. If you’re a novice to the world of tech then this tip is especially for you. 

Check for Compatibility: 

The last thing you want to do is buy a device only to find that the perfectly good accessories you already have aren’t compatible with it. In the case of TVs and gaming consoles check that the ports and cables you have will work with the model you plan to buy or find out if those specific accessories will be costly. In the same breath - ensure the device is suited for your space and compatible with your needs. You wouldn’t want to buy a television that is too big for your living room or a gaming console that doesn’t work with the games you already have. 

Buy Local:

It might be tempting to buy your electronics from abroad and have them shipped because of how low the product cost might initially seem. However, take into consideration the hidden costs of shipping and other custom fees. Remember - the heavier and more costly the item, the higher the fees. If you choose to go into an electronics store, remember to take the necessary precautions or simply skip the trip and shop online with us!

Look Out for Deals:

This goes without saying - if you can find a great deal on the electronics you want then go for it! With Black Friday rolling around every November, you can be sure that some of your favourite devices are on sale during that period. Now is the time to start doing in-depth research and making space in your home for those pieces of tech you’ve been eyeing because who doesn’t love a great deal?

Make the most of your new electronics and get the accessories you need! Here are a few items that will keep your electronics safe and enhance your experience!

Cell Phone Accessories:

We all know the struggle of fighting against gravity when we have a smartphone. Invest in a durable phone case and screen protector to limit any damage from dropping or bouncing your phone on hard services. 

TV Accessories:

Choose a hosting option for your television based on the amount of space you have. You can go for a classic entertainment centre that can double as extra storage for other accessories such as speakers or your home theatre system. There’s also the option of a wall mount if you have less space. 

Computer Accessories:

When it comes to computers and laptops the accessory options are endless and are highly dependent on what you need. If you need additional storage you can invest in memory cards or flash drives. If you’re a gamer then a gaming headset (rather than regular headphones) would be ideal. Most of all, ensure your laptop is protected while you’re out and about by carrying it in a secure laptop backpack.

There are several ways to get what you need. 


Not everyone wishes to take out a loan or use their credit card to purchase certain items - and that’s ok! You can check out the cost of all the items you want and save towards each.


Perhaps you urgently need an item, you might consider either getting a small loan from your financial institution or use or in-house financial service- Cool Financing

Credit Cards:

Most stores will accept all major credit cards, giving you the option to make your purchase immediately and repay your credit bill as per your bank’s policy. 

We hope you’re now better informed and ready to start getting your favourite electronics!