Though the Ministry of Education has closed all schools in Jamaica, the learning continues. Even while at home your children can continue to learn. Whether or not their school has sent work there are a number of sites that are granting free access during this period so parents can source educational material for the various age groups. Here are a few! 

  1. provides free printable worksheets and online exercises for students from preschool to grade 5. The areas covered include Mathematics reading, writing and fun art activities.

  1. Learning Hub: The Learning Hub is specifically for students preparing for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP). The site usually attracts a cost but it is currently being offered for free during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

  1. e-Learning Jamaica: Similar to Learning Hub, e-Learning Jamaica is for a specific group of students. The site is designed to assist students who are preparing for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate exams.

  1. Scholastic: Scholastic offers a more fun approach to learning and classifies their learning material based on grades - from pre-K to grade 9. Much of the content requires reading so it helps to foster bonding with parents and children. There are also video field trips to allow children to explore. 

  1. ABC Mouse: ABC Mouse has both an app and a website that turns preschool and kindergarten lessons into fun games. While the app is free there are in-app purchases and the website offers a free 30-day trial.

  1. Khan Academy: Khan is a non-profit organization that provides free classes for students worldwide from preschool to high school including AP classes. During the COVID-19 lockdown, they also have a daily schedule for students from 2 - 18 years old along with additional remote learning resources.

  1. Funbrain Jr: Funbrain offers a host of learning tools - apps, printables and online activities, that make learning fun and interactive for children. It also includes activities that encourage parents to work with their children. 

  1. Starfall: Another site that makes learning fun is Starfall. It offers tools for preschool to grade 3 and uses games, songs and videos to teach children to read, do math and basic geometry. 

Your child’s education can still continue even while school is out and we hope that these tools will help!