So you wanna be a millionaire?!

Don’t we all. But getting there requires hard work. Are you willing to put in the work to reach your goals and have your dreams become reality? What are your goals? Have you identified them and how you will reach them? Are they practical? What is their earning potential? Or are they just dreams and not actionable?

Out with resolutions for the New Year, they never really work.

In with actionable goals for short-term and long-term success and growth. Some call it a vision board, we call it action planning. Attached here, is a quick and dirty worksheet to help you develop smart goals that will increase your success and your earnings.

Before you fill out the worksheet, here are a few tips for 2019, to get your mind and body in line with success:

Tip #1

Have a Morning Routine/ Feed Your Soul for Goal Setting

It is so important to starting your day off right. Many people overlook having a productive, focused morning routine that set them up for the day ahead. Your routine could begin with meditation, gratitude journaling for 5 minutes, sitting on your patio and being still for 5 minutes or deep breathing and stretches for 10 minutes to warm up the body. These activities allow you to take a few moments for yourself before jumping into the tasks of the morning. They also facilitate focusing. It would be wise to have positive, uplifting thoughts during these activities. After this, depending on your lifestyle, you might start getting the kids ready for school while enjoying some coffee or tea or start getting yourself ready for a day of work.

Tip #2

Eat Well For Success

What you put in your body directly impacts your mind, mood and physiology. As best as possible, try to put whole foods into your body. These are your fruits, vegies, grains, proteins etc. Find an eating schedule that works for you; this could be three meals a day or five smaller meals for the day. This all depends on what feels good to you and which works better with your lifestyle. If you have a busy lifestyle but are conscious about what goes into your body, then we might have a few options to support your lifestyle here. Also important in eating well is drinking lots of water for hydration.

Tip #3

Sleep Well

You know that getting 8 hours of sleep is important for optimal performance and productivity. Many of us don’t sleep well for a few reasons, some including stress, poor mattress support, additions to the family among many more reasons. Whatever the reason, we need to find solutions to these reasons and position ourselves to get as much sleep as possible. We can’t position ourselves for success if we are sleep deprived and underperforming. We have goals to set and reach!

Tip #4

Exercise Often

As we have been mentioning the trifecta of the mind, body and soul being in balance for our goals, we have to mention taking care of your body through exercise. Working out for a few minutes each day is very important for mental clarity, physical well being and energy. Exercise can be incorporated in your morning routine as mentioned above or whenever you get a chance throughout the day.

Tip #5

Have a Schedule/Plan And See Your Earnings Roll In

Organizing your day is ideal for success. Most of the world's most successful people employ each of the above steps as well as having a plan and a schedule for their day. It helps them to stay on track of their responsibilities and plan the steps they need to take for new ventures, activities and goals. You can use things like your Google Calendar or Google To Do list to schedule your day and goals, or if you're more about having something written, then a planner might be a great way to go. There is also online software like Trello or Evernote that can help you to schedule your activities and goals for success.

Once you have gone through these 2019 goal setting tips, some of which might be goals for 2019, you can check out our simple guide to setting goals for 2019 here. This guide just helps you to organize your goals, short and long, and write down some of what is needed to achieve these goals. Print and place this somewhere that you look at every day to remind yourself of what goals you are working towards for 2019 and beyond.