Back in December 2013 CoolMarket opened its virtual doors with one seller and only 600 skus.  The small team of three, was super excited when, a few days later, they received the first order from a 63-year-old returning resident. Their SEO skills were reaping early results and they were so excited that they were not willing to leave this precious cargo up to the mercy of the courier company that was still untried in this new domain.  They drove to the seller’s location, picked up and delivered the single item with smiles and a gift to celebrate.  Thus began an exciting mission to help hundreds make millions. 

The odds were stacked against the team.  They were working in a nascent market with hundreds of sellers who mistook this new Jamaican online marketplace, CoolMarket (then Clickmarketonline) for competition.  Many buyers had no credit cards and the few that did were either untrusting or not accustomed to buying online in Jamaica but team spirit was high and the mission was clear.

Today, CoolMarket supports hundreds of sellers island-wide who never dreamed of having their own online store without the huge cost of developing and securing their own websites, outfitting with multiple payment options, maintenance, marketing, customer support and delivery.

As we approach the end of one of the most life-altering years, I am proud to be backed by an amazing team that continues to help hundreds of sellers make millions.

Contributed by: Vivienne Reynolds, Managing Director /Cool Financial Products