The World Cup is FINALLY here! Excitement, fanfare and lots of competition awaits. But, is it really a World Cup if you invite your friends over for an epic watch party? We know Jamaicans love their football, and when it comes to the World Cup, we go all in.

Regardless of who you support, CoolMarket has everything you need to host your very own World Cup watch party. Let’s take a look!

Big Screen Televisions

First things first, you need a television to properly enjoy the World Cup. You don’t want to miss a goal, and you need to be able to see your favourite players in full HD. CoolMarket stocks the latest in big screen televisions, at amazing prices.

Samsung 55” 4K Ultra HD SMART LED TV - $149,118.66

Imperial 40” Glossy Panel HD LED TV - $39,596.31

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Now that you’ve got the television covered, you need a few other things to complete the experience, like a home theatre system for great audio, TV mounts if you need it and snacks and liquor to entertain your friends. You can find them all on CoolMarket!

Home Theatre Systems

A television is only the audio, right? Purchase a home theatre system and ensure that you have the best acoustics for the game.

Blacksonic Home Theatre System - $18,149.48

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TV Wall Mounts

Don’t want to put your new television on a table or stand? No worries, we’ve got television wall mounts available at affordable prices!

TV Wall Mounts starting at just $2,636

Snacks, Beverages & Liquor

Your friends will get hungry and thirsty watching the game, of course. And a football game isn’t enjoyable without a sip of your favourite spirit! Choose from your favourite snacks and alcoholic beverages on CoolMarket.

 Appleton Estate Signature Blend Jamaican Rum 750mlSmirnoff Green Apple Flavored Vodka 750mlJ. Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum, 750ml
What are you waiting for? Now’s your chance to stock up on what you need for your World Cup Watch Party 2018!