One thing every modern home needs is a Smart Television. There are so many options on the market with each claiming to be the best. This makes the decision to purchase a bit more complicated than ever before. Many stick with the brands they are used to, some stick to the brands that their family has always purchased and others get the low down from their friends who are techies and in the know.

Regardless of how you have purchased in the past, we are here to drop some nuggets of wisdom on you for the next time you plan to make a Smart Television purchase.

Latest is NOT always the Greatest

We have been hyped and primed by companies like Apple to buy the latest model of a product as it is released or at least within the same year. From a smart shopping perspective, this is not always necessary as the upgrades sometimes are not significant enough to justify the spend. The same is true for smart televisions. Make sure you inform yourself before making a new release purchase.

Bigger is Better

Depending on the room you plan on buying a Smart Television for, an adequate size is needed for optimal viewing. The size recommended for a living room is between 55 inch and 65 inch, this is thought to be the sweet spot. You can expect to pay between $75,116.00 to $260,900.39 for this size range.  Depending on the size of your bedroom, an ideal Smart Television size is between 32 inch and 44 inch. You can expect to pay about $26,857.28 to $72,354.57 for this size range. Curve TV’s do not enhance viewing, they are more of a fashion statement. Purchase at will, you’ve been warned.

Let’s talk Specs

This where things can get a bit confusing and muddy if you're not tech savvy. Here are a few tips we found and would like to share with you that will make things a bit easier:

  • Don’t buy a TV with less than 4K resolution, try to avoid 1080p.

  • Don't’ buy a TV with less than a 120Hz refresh rate

  • Ignore Contrast Ratios

  • Look for four or more HDMI ports

  • Most TV’s nowadays are SMART

  • Plan to buy a soundbar, most recent Smart TV’s are thin and sound quality is lost as a result

Shop during Deals

This is a great idea, especially during deal periods such as Black Friday where electronics carry a heavy discount. Fully furnish your entire living room or bedroom. Our Inside E-commerce e-magazine gives great tips for shopping online during the season. Included in this is planning ahead and researching deals. Ideally, you want to check your trusted online sources first via your email (for any promotions), their website and social media, then branch out to searching Google. This method might take some time but it will result in savings and big returns that you will appreciate in the long run. So grab your pen, some paper and something to munch on while you scout the best deals for your smart TV.

We hope these tips will help with your search for a smart TV.

Happy and Smart Shopping!