It might seem a little cliche when asked ‘what is water?’ to respond - ‘water is life’. However, this is a fact. With up to 60% of the human body being made up of water, it is clear that the importance of water to our very survival is paramount. Of late, topics around global warming and climate change have been trending - and rightly so. One of the effects of these changes is drought which occurs when an area has less rain or precipitation than usual. Cases of extreme drought have led to famine and event the displacement of members of communities.

In Jamaica, our drought period is fairly defined and the National Water Commission (NWC) keeps us up-to-date on water availability. During these periods it is crucial that we adopt water conservation methods as low supplies can lead to devastating effects. As we are currently facing a water shortage we know many of you are looking for ways to conserve on what little you have access to. Here are a few ways you can conserve water during and outside of periods of drought.

Invest in Low Flow Toilet Tanks:

Have you ever thought of how much water is used each time the toilet is flushed? How’s this - up to 7 gallons. A low flow toilet can use as little as 1.28 gallons. That’s a huge difference not only for your water supply but also your water bill!

Take Shorter Showers:

Few things are more relaxing than being able to take a long, relaxing shower after a hard day at work - especially with the current summer heat. We guarantee you, however, that by taking shorter showers and conserving on the water you have available., you’ll be doing yourself a great favour. The less you use now the more you will have for later.

Use the Hose Less:

Using the hose can be so much more convenient but also quite wasteful. Consider using a watering can to water your garden or washing your car using water caught in buckets. When you use the hose for tasks such as these you're likely to have the pipe running the entire time - even when not in use. If there are times when you must use the hose, ensure you have a water saving nozzle attached.

Use more Innovation

There are lots of innovative tools that can be incorporated into your daily routine that can assist with conserving the amount of water we use.

Things, like boring a small hole into the top of a plastic bottle filled with water and sticking it into your potted plants, allows you to reduce the amount of water you use compared to using a watering hose.

Report and/or Fix Leaks:

Going about your day and spotted a leak on the road? You can report it immediately to the NWC. Don’t wait for someone else to do it - send in your report so they can have it fixed as quickly as possible. If you spot leaks in your own home do not hesitate to have it fixed. Again - this will help you conserve and save on your water bill. Win-win!

Educate your Children:

Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility and you’re never too young to learn. Simple tips such as using a cup when brushing their teeth, turning off the faucet after each use or telling them not to drink water directly from a running pipe are great ways to get your little ones to pitch in.

There is no doubt that water is important and we know that we need to do all we can to use it responsibly. What are some ways you are conserving water? Share with us in the comments!