Online shopping on a new site can seem daunting but we have a breakdown of how to navigate our CoolMarket online store. The steps are quite simple and we know once you’ve gone through them you’ll be a pro!

Our wishlist feature allows you to make note of the items you are interested in but not quite ready to buy. Simply click the heart icon for the product your interested in. When you're ready to see your entire list click the wishlist tab at the top right of the website as indicated below.

Wondering how the items on your list compare to other similar products? Our ‘Compare’ feature allows you to easily view the specifications on several items at once which makes narrowing down your choices even easier.

As long as your account has been set up you can sign in and start adding items to your cart or update your cart and wishlist. You’ll always be prompted to sign in before you complete your purchases, just in case you forget to log in initially.

We make gifting easy with gift certificates. Simply search "gift certificates" in our search bar and the gift certificate amount options will be present for you to choose from and purchase in your account. 

More you purchase the greater the reward. Every product sold on CoolMarket gives you reward points that you can put towards future purchases. The reward points for each product is highlighted in red so you can easily see how much you will be getting back.

Adding items to your cart is easy! Filter through the various categories or search for the item you need by name. Once it comes up, click on it and you’ll be given the option to add the item to your cart or view additional information before deciding

See? Shopping with our online store is so simple! Are you ready to become a Cool customer?