‘Tis the season for giving! If your loved ones haven’t yet shared their wishlist you might be having a hard time coming up with an idea of the perfect gift to get. After all - there are so many things to choose from! We’ve separated some of the most popular gift items into categories based on interests to help make the process easier for you. 

Top Gift Ideas

Are you doing Secret Santa this year? Or maybe you aren’t quite sure what to get for that new friend. With these gifts, the thought definitely counts. They say, “I’m happy to have met you” and are suitable for any taste. Here are some of the top gift ideas you can choose from. 



Top Toy Gifts

We know the little ones have a list a mile long so we’re here to help you narrow it down based on the top gifts for kids. Whether you decide to keep this educational and fun or just go all the way with entertainment, your child is sure to love one of these selections! 


Dolls and Accessories

Educational Toys

Sports/Outdoor Toys

Top Gamer Gifts

For gamers, it’s all about quality. Quality sound, visual and equipment. Pairing one of their favourite games with any of the items suggested below will make a great bundle gift for the gamers in your life!

Gaming Console

Gaming Headset

Flat Screen TV

Top Tech Gifts

The first step in buying tech for any tech lover is to read the reviews. You can bet that your friend already knows about the latest gadgets, their specs and the pros and cons. We have selected a few of the best gifts you can get a tech lover - now it’s up to you to decide which will make the perfect gift!


Digital Media Players

Smart Home Devices

Top Book Lover Gifts 

Bookworms are quite easy to get gifts for! With new books coming out so often, gadgets being made to allow them to tote around hundreds of books, your options are endless. As long as you know their taste in books you’re already ahead of the game. If they’re open to e-books and audio-books then getting them an e-reader or a tablet is a great idea. 

Fictional Books

Children's Books

Non-Fictional or Self-Help Books


Last Minutes Gifts 

Perhaps you forgot to buy a gift for a distant relative or you want to get something for someone you aren’t very close to. We have great suggestions for you! From gift certificates that can be redeemed at their leisure to gift baskets that are already packed full of yummy treats - we’ve got you covered!

Gift Certificate

Gift Baskets


It’s the most wonderful time of the year and nothing makes it better than seeing the smile on the face of someone you love when they realize that you carefully selected the perfect gift for them! We hope that this guide helps you narrow down your search. Happy giving!