Love is in the air and you want to let your special person know just how much they mean to you by getting the perfect gift. 

Something to remember is that your gift doesn’t have to be one physical thing - it can be a moment. 

Whether you plan to keep it sweet, simple and sentimental or go over-the-top with your gesture, we have some tips and ideas to help. Of course with all this gift-giving you shouldn’t forget to get a little something for an extra special person - you!

Love On A Budget 

There’s nothing wrong with wooing your love with something inexpensive especially when you both know you have bigger financial goals to focus on such as a wedding, family vacation or investing in your first home. These gifts require some creativity and for you to really think about what your partner loves, wants or needs. Here are a few ideas that won’t cost more than $5000. 

  • Have a Picnic: Make them their favourite meal and go to one of your favourites spots - may be where you first met. Check out our Date Night Meal Ideas for some simple dishes you can prepare. 

  • Create a Gift Basket: Few things say ‘I know you’ like a personalized gift basket. You can add wine, roses, chocolate and some special love quotes or a love poem from - these are sure to make them feel loved! 

  • Have a Date Night: Treat your special someone to a night out. Plan the itinerary based on things you can both enjoy and be sure that it ends with an activity that allows you to spend some one on one time like an evening stroll or ice cream on the lawns of Devon House. 

Something Special For Him

People often say it’s hard to find the right gift for a guy but is it, really? 

If your guy has a favourite cologne or one he’s always wanted to buy but didn’t want to splurge on it - now is the perfect time to get him some! Some other great, simple gifts that he’s sure to love are watches and shoes. Get him something that’s a little different from his usual look. 

Romance Her

Romancing your lady comes down to the finer details. She wants to know that you remember some of the little things she’s shared, the things she loves. 

Getting her gifts such as perfume, jewelry, Bath and Body Works set or a set of lipstick will never fail to do the trick! Of course, it all comes down to reminding her how important she is to you - important enough that you pay attention so you know what brings a smile to her face. 

Love Yourself

One person who is often forgotten during the gift-giving season is… yep, you. Whether you're in a relationship or not - treat yourself! There’s nothing like a little self-love to refill your own love tank and making giving of yourself less taxing. Maybe it’s a day out of the house, going to the spa, buying new shoes, hanging out with your crew, playing a game of football - the point is to spend some time loving you. 

We hope we’ll be able to help you make this Valentine’s Day extra special!