After investing in your very own laptop, what is next? How do you keep your machine running like the first day, everyday?


1.    Protect It

A good Anti-Virus software is a Must and installing one should be the first action after taking your PC home. There are many great options both free and paid, so there’s absolutely no excuse not to have one.

2.    Clear It

Who says Feng Shui is only for the home. De-clutter your laptop by removing any pre-loaded software that you don’t need while making room to download ones that you actually want and will use.

3.    Dim It

Most, if not all laptops are customizable from the look to the feel and functions.  Take the pressure off your battery by adjusting your screen brightness. This also helps to maximize your work time or playtime by using this smart hack.

4.    Accessorize it

Add a few smart accessories to your laptop to sweeten your experience. A mouse is a great starting point.  You can also upgrade to a larger display monitor, which can double as a great movie station.

5.    Power It

Most of our laptops do double duty and that means we use them at home and work, so why not grab an extra AC adapter for each location. Reduce the hassle of plugging and unplugging, packing and carrying.

6.    Cool It

Even the lightest use of your laptop can generate quite a bit of heat. Make sure to keep them cool by checking your vents regularly to ensure they’re free. Still feeling the heat, invest in a cooling pad. Keeping your laptop at the optimal temperature protects the components and gives you additional mileage and better functionality.

7.    Track It

Why invest in your brand new laptop to then turn around and give it away. Keep your new machine safe by installing a tracking software (which can often be synced to your mobile device). So whether it’s lost in luggage or misplaced around the house, you can have peace of mind knowing your information is safe.

8.    Clean It

Your new laptop may not need a thorough cleaning just yet, however over time they do get quite dirty. Invest in a can of compressed air to zap away any dust and dirt particles that my build up over time. Also try to incorporate a routing cleaning regime to avoid too much gunk to accumulate. (Look out for our keyboard cleaning tips NEXT)