School’s out and you know what that means! Bored children needing to be constantly entertained, eating around the clock and raising the bills. So how do you change that? Here are a few fun activities that you can use to keep the little ones occupied and save your sanity! 

Give them a fun reading list

Select a few age-appropriate books to read as an activity they can do alone or with you. Each time they complete a book, give them a fun treat and have them share the story with the family. This keeps them occupied, mentally stimulated and is a great way to spend time together. You can purchase books online, get e-books or visit your local library

Enroll them in summer camp

Though children might get the summer off - parents don’t. One way to offset the cost of having a babysitter come in is having the littles go to summer camp. This doesn’t have to be a daily thing but it’s a great way to mix up their summer routine. Summer camps offer so many options these days - baking, arts, paper craft, coding, you simply have to find one that suits your child’s interests. Allowing them to learn a new skill is also a good way to foster development. 

Beach trips

Summer is the prime time to go to the beach but of course, with the heat being as it is, be sure to go in the early morning or late evening and don’t forget to lather on some sunscreen to protect your skin. Whatever time you choose to go, however, your kids are sure to have a blast! Make a real party of it and stock up with snacks and toys. 

Have them help out (more) around the house

Hey - if you’re going to have to find ways to entertain them then you might as well make it mutually beneficial, right? Add an incentive to chores that aren’t a part of their regular list to encourage them to put in the extra effort. You can choose to give them extra pocket money or give them a treat of their choosing. 

Make a bucket list together

Being able to spend time bonding during the summer is so important. Families are so busy during the school year that they often don’t get time to be together. At the beginning of the summer put together a bucket list of all the activities and places that you each want to do and see during the summer and make it your goal to cover at least one item from each person’s list. 

Let them be bored

Yep, you read that correctly. It is quite ok for them to be bored every now and again or have to come up with creative ways to keep themselves entertained. Especially in the early days of summer when they’re just getting away from the rigorous routine of the school year, it is best to let them have some down time where they don’t have to be doing something right throughout the day. 

Remember that one of the most important things you can do with the extra time you have with your children this summer is make lasting memories. What are some fun activities you’re hoping to enjoy with your little ones?