The new school year is about to begin but with the ongoing pandemic, back-to-school preparations are a lot different. The Ministry of Education has shared information on what to expect and provided tips on how to prepare students as they get ready to head back. Here are some additional pointers to keep your children safe in the new school year!

Educate Them On Good Sanitation Practices

Since the outbreak, we’ve been advised to use sanitizers, regularly clean surfaces, properly wash our hands and practice social distancing. Many schools in Jamaica have now set-up sanitation stations to help ensure that children maintain these habits. As you prepare them to go back to school, remind them of the importance of these practices. For younger students, it will require some creativity to get them to understand. Use songs, art or videos to help teach them. 

Wear Mask and Use Sanitizer At School

One of the main concerns parents have is how children will wear a mask during classes. Having them practice wearing their mask while at home. Once again, for younger children, this will take some creativity to get them used to it. Back-to-school shopping will also look a bit different this year. In addition to the usual supplies, be sure to stock up on sanitation items such as hand sanitizers, wipes and disposable masks. There are a lot of options available; clip-on sanitizers (if we have on-site we should include link), one and two-ounce snap-lid sanitizers and re-usable squeeze bottle for easy refills.

Use Your Own Supplies To Limit Contact

While maintaining social distance, children will need to be reminded to use their own supplies to reduce their chance of spreading germs. Ensure your child has all their books and other learning materials when needed. Remind them that it is their responsibility to check with their teachers what items they will need on a particular day as most schools will be encouraging students to keep all their supplies at home. It is also important that they sit at their assigned area and wipe their desk before each use.

While the prospect of having your child return to school might be daunting, remember that with proper preparation your child can have a safe and happy school year!