With the Ministry of Education recently closing all schools islandwide, we’re sure you’re wondering how to keep your children occupied. While some students have been given schoolwork to complete during the lockdown, others might not have been. Regardless, they’ll need to have some balance between studying and relaxing. Here are a few ways you can keep your children focused on their education and give them enough time to play!

Early Childhood

  • Try as best as possible to stick to their usual routine. Younger children will have a harder time understanding what’s going on and the need for changes around them. Being able to keep their old routine can ease their anxiety.

  • Find fun ways to add play to educational activities. If you’re able to, turn some of their lessons into games, use videos or apps from the Play Store to keep them engaged. If you have to work from home this will help free up some of your time so you can still get work done.

  • If you have adequate yard space, encourage them to go outside and get some exercise. You can add this to their schedule, similar to having a recess during regular school. This bit of physical activity will help them use up some of their pent up energy making them less restless when indoors. 

PEP Students

  • Help your child stay on track with their PEP preparations by encouraging them to stick to their curriculum. You can assess it from the Ministry’s site or speak to their school teacher to find out where they are with their lessons. 

  • Use online learning resources such as Learning Hub which is currently offering a free 14-day trial to help PEP students continue their studies. These resources can allow your child to learn at their own pace which might actually prove to be more beneficial for them and can be used even after school reopens. 

  • Make time for breaks so they can enjoy movies, games, reading or simply relax and talk online with friends. Remember that they’re experiencing a major change to their daily routine as well and it can be hard to get used to. Being able to maintain communication with their friends can help.

Secondary and Tertiary

  • For secondary and tertiary students in their final year of school, this lockdown can be especially challenging. They’re now being faced with the uncertainty of how the school year will end if they’ll be able to attend their graduation or do exams. Be sure to spend time as a family so they can feel supported.

  • In addition to their usual schoolwork, encourage them to pick up a hobby. It keeps them occupied and gives them additional mental stimulation. They can also volunteer to help teach the children of family members through online platforms.

While the next few weeks will be a time of great change, by making adjustments to your lifestyle you can make the transition a lot easier for you and your family. We hope these tips help!