Shopping online is one of the advantages of having the internet. It’s possible for you to see something you like, and in a few clicks it can be yours. You can compare prices, find discounts and track down hard to find items. Shopping online is amazing!

As easy it is for you to shop online, it’s easy for criminals to capitalize on the transfer of information on the web, and other unscrupulous things. What can you do to protect yourself when shopping online? Here are some tips that you can use.

Tip #1: Use strong passwords

Passwords are your first line of defense on the internet. The more complicated they are, the harder it will be for hackers to gain access to your sensitive information. Don’t use things like your nicknames, the names of your children or sequential numbers. Instead, opt for passwords that are more complicated. Changing your passwords periodically is also effective.

Tip #2: If it looks too good to be true, it probably is

There are people in the world who spend their time crafting plans to catch online shoppers unaware. When browsing websites, check for inconsistencies in spelling, shipping times, addresses and anything else that can tip you off to the fact that a website may not be legitimate. If the prices seem too unbelievable, or the claims too extraordinary, don’t be fooled. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Tip #3: If you can, use a credit card

If you’re shopping online on a new website for the first time, choose to use your credit card if you have one, instead of a debit card. Why? When you shop with a credit card, you aren’t using your money (even though you have to pay the bill). You’re spending the bank’s money, which you will later repay. Therefore, there are more measures in place for recourse in the event somebody manages to steal your financial information.

Tip #4: Ensure the website is secure

Before you enter your financial information look for the lock in the URL bar that reads “secure.” This means that the website your visiting is safe to shop on. Additionally, ensure that the checkout page is encrypted. You can identify this by clicking on the lock in the URL bar. On a secure site, you’ll see something like this:

The URL of secure sites begins with “https://” instead of the traditional “http://”.

Tip #5: Only shop with reputable online stores

The easiest way to protect yourself when you shop online is to choose only reputable online stores. Choosing a company with a good track record of online sales ensures that your information will be protected. Checking online reviews, as well as asking within your friend circle can be an easy way to tell.

The truth is, even though shopping online can be risky, it is still one of the best ways to shop online! Here at CoolMarket, we believe in providing you with the most secure shopping experience. Our website is 3D secure, and your information is protected from the moment you log on to our site. In addition to this, we have a variety of payment methods, and no matter which you choose we ensure that your information is protected.

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