The internet has made connecting with loved ones much easier, despite the distance between them. One of the major ways that loved ones continue to support their family back home is to assist with expenses, usually by providing things like grocery packed in barrels and shipped from abroad. This used to be quite costly but fortunately, we now have alternatives. CoolMarket is an online store that allows you to shop for a range of products - including groceries, from anywhere in the world and have them delivered right to your family here in Jamaica. This means fewer expenses for you and convenience for them. Here’s a step by step guide that you can follow. 

  1. Create your account by selecting the Create An Account  option on the top of the home page

You also have the option to use the site as a guest but for frequent shoppers, it is best to create an account. You’ll also be given the option of subscribing to our newsletter so you can be alerted as soon as we have new deals.

  1. Locate the Groceries category on the site:

This is easier than manually searching for items by name. You might consider separating your grocery lists into categories similar to those on the site to make future shopping faster. 

  1. Filter based on items needed 

  1. Hover over the item you want to add to your cart:

Once you’re sure this is the item you wish to select, choose the option Add to Cart. Once you’ve selected that option you’ll get a notification that the item has been added to your cart.

  1. Click on the cart icon in the top right of the screen to go to the check out page:

Take this time to review the items in your cart to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. If there’s anything you need to remove simply click on the trash icon.

  1. Go to the checkout page and enter your shipping information:

Once you’re satisfied with your cart you can move on to the checkout page. You’ll be prompted to add your shipping information. If you want to send groceries to Jamaca, be sure to verify their address. 

  1. Move on to the next step to your payment option:

Select Place Order once you’ve selected your payment option to complete your purchase. 

  1. You will be given an order number to track your order:

You will receive an email with your tracking number so you can track your order. 

We hope you’re now better informed on how you can purchase groceries on our site so you can save your loved ones a trip to the supermarket!