With the season being as hectic as it is you might be considering throwing your own party this Christmas. We think that’s a great idea - it’s safer, cheaper and a lot more fun! Call up your friends and family and have a blast! Now before you start sending the invitations, let’s run through the list of things you’ll need to throw the best party possible. 


Your music selection sets the tone for the whole night. It is a given that traditional Christmas songs will be on your playlist but be sure to also consider the taste of your guests. You can create a YouTube playlist, share it with invitees and have them add their own songs. 

Decoration and Theme

Though it’s the Christmas season you can choose to add your own theme for your party. It’s not a must but it will make the moment a lot more personal. You can make a game of it and have your guests vote on their favourite theme idea when they RSVP. Your theme will determine what decorations you choose to go with but this can also be a part of the party. You can invite guests to bring an item of decoration to add to the overall look of the venue or to create a photo backdrop. 


The kind of food you serve on your big night will be determined by the time and date of the party as well as your theme - if you choose to have one! You can go for light, finger foods or more filling meals such as these from our 12 Simple Christmas Meals list. Try to have a wide range of foods to cater to the needs of your guests, take into consideration allergies or other dietary needs. Perhaps you could even make it a potluck party and have your guests bring a dish of their choice.


Yes, this one deserves its own section. Be sure to have a range of drink options to cater to all your attendees or add ‘BYOB’ (bring your own bottle) to the invitation. This will mean that everyone will have at least one drink they like and be less pressure on you. Remember - if children will be present keep any alcoholic beverage out of their reach.


Board games, karaoke, charades, card games - the options are endless! Choose games that you know all your guests will be able to freely participate in and enjoy. Have enough options available to ensure everyone can be occupied. 

Keep Things Simple

The easiest way to make your party truly enjoyable is to keep things simple. By not going overboard both you and your guests will feel more comfortable and you’ll be better able to relax. Focus on spending time with your loved ones, making new memories and treasuring the moments. 

We can’t wait to see pics of your party! Be sure to tag us when posting.