Sometimes it can be hard to get the perfect gift for Dads but we’re here to help. We’ve narrowed down some of the best gift ideas based on what we think dad would love. We know you might not be able to stop by Dad’s house to surprise him with his gift but you can find these items on CoolMarket and have them delivered right to his door!

Macho Dad

If your Dad is all about physical fitness and takes care of the heavy lifting around his home then you want to get him gifts that are perfect for helping him stay in shape, making his tasks easier and ensuring he feels good doing it! Here are a few items to consider:


    Home Improvement

The only thing that could make these gifts better would be you joining him when he uses them!

Soft & Cuddly Dad

Remember all those times Dad would spoil you? It’s time to return the favour! Get him gifts that will help him relax, unwind and feel pampered. 

Add a heartfelt note to your gift and we know Dad will love it even more. 

Cool Dad

He’s not just any Dad, he’s a cool Dad and only cool gifts will do. Surprise him with new electronics and fashionable additions to his wardrobe. 



It’s going to be like Christmas came early for Dad! 

We hope you now have an idea of what to get Dad for his special day. As a bonus, include his favourite drink or have his favourite meal delivered. 

Here are a few specials we think dad might like: