We all have dreams and aspirations. For many, going to university and completing a degree should be the ticket that gets us one step closer to our dreams. However, high unemployment has stifled opportunities, growth and actualizing one's dream, especially for a decent life.  

In addition to this, in some cases, salaries from employed positions don’t quite cover all the expenses needed to live and survive. As such, many look to making money on the side to complement their salary.

Fortunately for us we are creative people and with that, we have developed a knack and affinity for sussing out and creating opportunities. This fuels our entrepreneurial spirit.

One of the opportunities at our disposal, thanks to the internet, is opening online stores that facilitate browsing and purchasing of goods and services. With this, entrepreneurs can make money online offering products and services to their audience.

CoolMarket offers entrepreneurs and business owners in Jamaica, the opportunity to sell their products and or services on their E-commerce platform.

There are lots of advantages to starting an online business. Let’s delve into a few:


Let’s face it, the days of setting up physical, long-term shops are dwindling. This is thanks to technological advancements, smarter systems, and smarter phones. The cost to set up a physical infrastructure and paying rent is capital intensive, daunting and physically taxing. Most full time and part time entrepreneurs don’t have the resources for such an endeavour. Depending on your product, social tools such as Instagram facilitate posting, sharing, pricing and a now visual storefront. There are also inexpensive website design tools that facilitate building your own piece of the web. However, some work comes with promoting your digital spaces to ensure they get seen by the right audience at the right time.


Compared to brick and mortar stores, online stores are always open. Imagine making money while you sleep! That’s one of the ideals for most entrepreneurs. This means a greater potential to make a sale and increase revenue. Whether you're full time or part time, stock taking and operations have to be on spot to ensure your business can live up to its benefits and claims as it relates to availability and delivery.


We are in a very environmentally conscious time in history. Thinking about how we use things and dispose of them is important for future generations. An online store assists with this mode of thinking and the fight for sustainability. An online store is hosted digitally.


Full-time entrepreneurs will be able to strategize, manage, operationalize and execute actions for their online store from the comfort of their home, working space or any location of their choice. They can sell a wide variety of products depending on their business model and goals. Working from home also means that they should be able to fulfill orders much quicker than their part-time counterparts. However, part-time entrepreneurs may find it useful to involve close family members or friends to assist with fulfillment efforts.


If your product is locally made, there is great potential for exposure having an online store. While you may or may not be in a position to take on international orders, an online store allows you to get feedback from potential customers interested in your product.

So you're sold! An online store is a great option and you’re ready to start selling. CoolMarket can help to make the process smooth and easy by offering you a piece of our digital space to start or continue selling your products. But why should you sell with us? Here are a few reasons:


This means that you don’t need to hire staff to answer questions regarding your products, delivery or payment. Our customer support team is available to answer questions related to your product.


Our platform offers easy product uploads. Ensure your product images are on point and represent your brand properly.


Leave the work to us. Once an order is processed, we work swiftly with our communication and fulfilment.


CoolMarket offers a variety of payment options; these convenient options include Cash on Delivery, C-Pay, Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, and Cool Financing.  Payments are verified in advance, so you never have to worry about getting paid and there are absolutely no receivables to manage. Full payment is delivered to your bank account within 10 business days. You only pay a small commission when a sale is made on CoolMarket.

We hope you're interested in this opportunity to make more money online by selling on CoolMarket.

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