Everyone has an idea of what our Pinterest perfect home would look like. The best appliances, the most chic pieces, fine artwork, everything placed just right. However, reality usually cuts that dream down by half… or a lot! Home improvement on a budget does not mean you have to skimp on your taste - you just need to take it step by step, tackle one room at a time. So here comes the big question - what room should you tackle first? Our choice would be the kitchen. 

The kitchen is thought to be the heart of the home for a reason. It’s often the first place you go to in the mornings, the most frequented room throughout the day - it hosts family meetings, meal preparation, sometimes even serves as the laundry area. Being a room that is so multifaceted this should be one of the easiest rooms to give an upgrade. You want to first assess what might no longer be working for you - it could be the wall colours, the finish on the furniture or your appliances. There are inexpensive ways to make changes that will give the room a whole new look. 

Changing the lighting in the room can quite literally light the whole thing up. Another way to lighten up the room is to update your window treatment. You can swap out thick curtains for sheer ones or replace them altogether with blinds. Adding simple, multipurpose pieces - especially ones that can serve as both storage and decoration is also very effective. Appliances can easily be upgraded. With new models coming out so rapidly, sales are almost always going on for appliances. And the best part is - you can resell your used appliances if they’re in good condition. 

By tackling one of the most trafficked rooms in the house first you will not only be more motivated to complete the project - you will have a better idea of how the look will come together and have a know how best to move forward. 

Ready to get going? Will you be tackling your kitchen first or another room? Let us know below.