With Heroes Day almost here we’re all getting ready for the long holiday weekend! If you’re wondering what fun activities you can enjoy and what you’ll need to make them happen then look no further. Here’s a list of a few simple activities to execute this weekend.  

1. Family Gathering

When was the last time you had a proper family event? Well, this holiday is the perfect opportunity to catch up with family! It’s a well-known fact that no Jamaican family gathering is complete without copious amounts of food, games and stories. Here are a few things you definitely want to stay on top of:

  • Confirm the number of attendees

  • Ensure there will be enough food for all attendees

  • Stock up on tableware

  • Get family-friendly games - card and board games are a must!

2. Beach Day

Let’s hope that the rainy days take a break because Heroes weekend is a great time to hit the beach. Be mindful of the fact that some public beaches will be quite crowded so if you and your group prefer a more intimate setting, aim for a small or private beach. Be sure to pack all the items you’ll be needing from the night before so the excitement doesn’t cause you to forget something important! 

3. Friends Link Up:

There are so many memes about how hard it is to plan a friendly link up when you’re all adults with busy lives. A holiday weekend makes things a little easier so makes the most of this one! The key to a successful link-up is to keep things simple. Rather than an extravagant night out, consider a night in. This is less costly, takes less time to plan and gives everyone a chance to really relax and have fun. Much like a family gathering, you’ll want to:

  • Confirm who’ll be coming

  • Stock up on enough food and drink for everyone

  • Have enough tableware

  • Get games everyone loves

4. Party Weekend:

If you’re more of a party animal then no need to worry! There’s no shortage of parties or other events to attend this weekend. From cultural to full-on wilding out - you’ll definitely find something that suits your taste. 

  • Be sure you have your ticket

  • Secure your ride - cab or a designated driver

  • Know who you’ll be attending with 

  • Double-check the location - you can never be too sure!

  • Have a blast - responsibly

Hope you’re ready to have a great weekend! Let us know what plans you have!