Heroes Day is almost here and with it comes, not only a brief holiday but events that remind us of the many sacrifices of our National Heroes. There are so many things to do in Jamaica over this holiday weekend! We’re going to help you come up with a list of things you need to really celebrate a day that we have set aside to honour the brave men and women whose selfless acts make us a better nation. 


Everyone knows that our fashion is a huge form of cultural expression for us. Typically the weekend is kicked off with Bandana Day with Jamaicans wearing outfits incorporating the bandana cloth. This look has become synonymous with Louise ‘Miss Lou’ Coverly-Bennet, the great Jamaican poet and folklorist. Others proudly wear the colours of our national flag - black, green and gold. 


There’s nothing quite like a family picnic or road trip during a long holiday weekend. Of course, neither is complete without food! You can order all the necessary grocery items online to save you the trip to the supermarket and free you up to do some planning - maybe even try out a new style of cooking

Outdoor Accessories:

Whether you plan to go out to an event, visit a park to have a picnic or entertain friends and family in your backyard - you’ll need a few things to bring it all together. Seating is a must! You can choose to have your standard patio set or get individual chairs - or both. There’s also the option of having a portable table if you choose to enjoy the day away from home. 

Great Company:

However you choose to spend the holiday it will no doubt be made better if it’s spent with company. Who will you be inviting to enjoy the weekend with you? Tell us below!