We are well into the new year and with every new year comes new trends and experiences. The Keto experience is not really new but it has been recently trending in the diet and wellness space for quite some time now and we thought we would give some insight on this new lifestyle or diet (depending on your perspective) trend everyone is talking about.

First thing, what is Keto?

Keto is the shortened name for Ketones. Ketones are produced if you eat very few carbs (that are quickly broken down into blood sugar) and only moderate amounts of protein (excess protein can also be converted to blood sugar). With a Keto diet or lifestyle, you place your body in a constant state of Ketosis by eating no carbs but lots of good and sometimes not so good fats. The fats are then left for the body to breakdown and use for energy instead of carbs. Hence, burning fat and losing weight.

Let’s give you some pros and cons about Keto:


  1. Lots of online Testimonials

There are tons of resources and testimonials on social media specifically YouTube that speak to Keto working as a weight loss regime.

  1. Boost in Energy

On a ketogenic diet, your entire body switches its fuel supply to run mostly on fat, burning fat 24-7. It becomes easier to access your fat stores to burn them off which results in a steady supply of energy.

  1. Decreased Appetite/More Cooking

Consuming more fats than carbs can make us feel more satiated during the day and eliminates the need for snacking. Also, because of how specific it is to live the Keto lifestyle, more people tend to cook at home compared to eating out as they can control what goes into their meals compared to eating out.


  1. Adaptation Period

Cold turkey is always hard to accomplish for any behaviour we have in our routine especially one that affects our physiology. This period lasts for 1 - 2 weeks and people report headaches, flu-like symptoms, sugar cravings, and muscle cramps during this period.

  1. Food Restrictions

The food restrictions are crazy on the Keto diet and can be found in every food group. No bananas, sweet potatoes, bread, cashews and a whole host of other things we are accustomed to eating like ground food high in carbs.

  1. Not a lot of Research

While we see every week another Keto weight loss result post or video, the long term effects of the diet are not well known, leaving us to wonder and speculate how the diet might affect your wellness in the next decade.

Whether you choose to Keto or Not, we encourage you to consult with a nutritionist and doctor before making changes.  Also, do your research! Read up as much as possible before jumping in. You’ll be happy you did.

If you choose to try Keto, we have a few healthy options that are on the approved list:




Coconut Oil


Here’s a little closing tip:

A popular Keto dessert is a berry blend topped with fresh, real whipping cream. Yum yum!