Small apartment, college dorm, or you simply can’t be bothered to fire up the big oven. Our friends at Buzzfeed have saved us with these amazing toaster oven recipes that can turn your 15 minute weekday meal into a gourmet masterpiece.  And just in time for the Restaurant Week Buzz…  Why Not, Eat In!


1. Tortilla Pizza

Their instructions are as follows: “Spread marinara sauce over a whole wheat tortilla (or any tortilla), sprinkle cheese, sprinkle more cheese, keep sprinkling cheese, add preferred toppings, and then toast.”  I think we can definitely do this. Recipe



2. Miso-Glazed Salmon

This quick and easy Salmon is your go-to 2 step prep recipe.  Marinate + Bake/Broil = Enjoy with your favorite white wine.  Recipe



3. Toasted Brie, Ham, and Apple Sandwich

This is a delectable treat that disappears equally as fast as it is to make. A toaster oven staple that makes a great lunch or a perfect light dinner option.  Recipe



4. Single-Serving Peanut Butter Cookie

If your sweet tooth needs to be tamed, this single serve cookie does the trick. Formerly known as the single lady’s cookie, this recipe is so quick and easy even the single guys wanted a piece of the sweet action.  Recipe


5. Lasagna Toast

What is lasagna without the pasta… Lasagna toast?  The foodies and pasta purists may be skeptical at first sight, but trust us, they will be converted at first bite. This unique take on lasagna, doubles as a great party appetizer without the 20-30 minute lasagna bake time. Recipe


From Bruschetta to bacon, we have only scratched the surface. For the remaining 16 amazing recipes click HERE.