By Stephanie Koathes

Packing light is no easy feat for many of us. It’s actually quite a skill and one that’s very valuable. So for your next trip, unless you enjoy carrying a suitcase that weighs a million pounds, we’re sharing some tips to help you pack light. 

Downsize the luggage

If you’re checking in a bag, choose a smaller piece of luggage than you might be used to carrying. This will force you to only pack the essentials. 

Wear it again

You don’t need to pack a different article of clothing for every day of your trip. For instance, if you’re travelling for longer than a week, pack just enough clothes for a week then re-wear what you have. You can go with this rule of thumb: three shirts, three socks, three pairs of underwear. Wash and reuse!


It’s very tempting to carry extra clothes or shoes, “just in case”. To pack light you have to avoid giving in to the “just in case” temptation. Pack your absolute must-have items and forget the rest; chances are you’ll be able to buy anything else you might want wherever you’re going. 

Pack flip flops

Flip flops may be the handiest shoes you can bring. They take up next to no space, and are good for wearing around your hotel room, to the beach, or out and about when the weather is good. Next pack a pair of comfortable flats or sneakers. Wear the bulkiest shoes you intend to carry to the airport, this will save on both space and weight in your luggage. 

Cut down on cosmetics

Trim down your makeup bag by packing only your essentials. You really don’t need to walk with your entire bathroom vanity. 

Leave the shampoo

If you’re staying in a hotel, leave the shampoo and conditioner at home. Any nice hotel will provide those saving you some space in your bag. 

It’s not impossible to pack light! Before you know it you’ll be one of those people capable of travelling with just a carry-on bag.

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