First things first, in this era of busy, if you're not shopping online then you're not using your time productively. Just think, you could shop for all your essentials online without leaving your home or office and have them delivered straight to your door. Just keep that in the back of your mind while you read this Mother’s Day article.

Second thing, which should have really been the first thing, is Mom. For some, Mama, Mommy, Mommsy etc. The day we celebrate these strong women have passed but we can keep the celebration and the treats going all month long.

Don’t worry, these won’t break the bank but they are nice ways to show your mom you care beyond the consumer-driven day. Let’s begin:

  1. Quality Time

It’s true, most mothers love flowers but most love the time you spend with them. Plan a day trip with your mom, go to the movies or stay in with Netflix and popcorn. You know her best, so find some activities you both love and make it a date.

  1. The Gastronomy

Whether it be breakfast, brunch or dinner, food is always a must! So break out her favourite recipes or, if she is an adventurous kinda lady, try out something new. Cooking for your mom is something that can happen anytime and it’s a great way to show you care.

  1. The Treats

Everyone loves treats. You can do daily treats that you know she will love, like her favourite chocolate bar, phone credit or buying lunch OR splurge by paying for her biweekly mani/pedi. Here’s a thought for a treat, how about paying for some of her utility bills, then she can decide to save or treat herself with what she would have spent.

There are so many ways to continue to show mom you care all month long and beyond. It just requires a little more effort, ingenuity and creativity but we are sure she will appreciate the effort and the treats.