One of the best things about the holidays are the movies.

I know you might be thinking where are they going with this, the title says groceries. Just hang on, we are getting there.

In the Holiday comedy, Christmas with the Kranks, we see Jamie Lee Curtis hilariously racing towards a tin of Hickory Honey Ham in the supermarket with another shopper in toe trying to secure the last ham on the shelf. Jamie Lee Curtis’s character was unsuccessful in her supermarket rally pursuit but eventually buys another ham from another shopper only to have the bag tear in the parking lot and the ham roll onto the road, got ran over by a trailer and eventually splattered to pieces.

This scene, though an extravagant depiction of holiday supermarket shopping gone wrong, speaks to the stress, anxiety and mishaps that can happen when shopping during the season.

In Jamaica, our supermarkets get quite busy with last minute shoppers. At CoolMarket, we recommend planning ahead, however, we do understand that situations beyond your control make last-minute shopping inevitable.

We’re here to help!

CoolMarket provides a wide variety of grocery items on our e-commerce platform that makes shopping online for your holiday dinners a breeze. The best part, you get your groceries delivered to your door in two days.

So let’s get shopping!

Starters/Appetizers/Finger Food

Entertain your family and guests with a few simple but yummy starters. Here are some ideas:

Sides, sides and more sides

No holiday dinner is complete without mouth-watering sides. From gungo rice and peas to potato salad to macaroni and cheese, we have the ingredients to ensure your holiday dinner sides are second round worthy.

Merry Beverages

Holiday celebrations in Jamaica always needs a little spirit. Our selection of beers, wines, spirits and juices round off your holiday dinner.

Something Sweet

Skip tradition, and make dessert your own with these selections.

We hope you found this guide useful and wish you warm dishes from CoolMarket!