School is out, the roads are busy, there’s so much on your to-do list - do you really want to add going to the store? Thankfully, e-commerce has completely changed the way we do things and made life much easier. Here are a few reasons you should be shopping online this season. 

Beat the Traffic

Perhaps the least fun thing about Christmas is the traffic. With everyone trying to get last-minute shopping done, events and parties being held, the roads are busier than ever. Avoid the traffic completely and do all your shopping right from the comfort of your home, then have it delivered where you want it.

Get More Done

Think of all the time you’ll save by not having to make the trip to and from the store. This time can better be spent decorating, preparing meals or bonding with your family. That’s the beauty of online shopping - time saved and better spent!

Shopping Online is Safer

During the holidays, crime rates are known to go up - specifically theft. By shopping online, especially when making large purchases, you protect yourself from the possibility of being robbed. To ensure even more safety while shopping online check out these tips

Stay on Budget

The moment you walk into a store all thoughts of your shopping list are sure to vanish. You just might not be able to resist the temptation to get more than you need. Here on CoolMarket you’ll find a wide range of products - from grocery items to toys, furniture to appliances. As each item is added to your cart you’ll be able to track your total in order to stay within your budget. Navigate the site is quite simple - here’s how!

Bonus: It’s a Great Gesture

If you’re living abroad and want to make a nice gesture for a loved one here in Jamaica, buying them groceries or other items is a great way. With numerous payment options - credit card, CPay and bank transfer, payment is a breeze. Just select, checkout and we’ll handle the rest! 

Happy shopping!