Need a more convenient payment option? Use Cash on Delivery!

For some, one of the biggest drawbacks to shopping online is that you have to have a credit or debit card. Here at CoolMarket, we believe in providing a wide variety of payment options. We offer payment by credit and debit card, bank transfer, C-Pay and Cool Financing. However, we realized that some of our customers still needed a more convenient way of paying for their purchases— which is why we’ve rolled out our Cash on Delivery payment option.

Now, when you shop with CoolMarket you can pay for your purchase when it gets to your door. In addition to being able to see what you’re paying for, this payment option is perfect for you if you don’t have a credit card or bank account.

How to select Cash on Delivery as your payment option

Choosing Cash on Delivery is as simple as this:

  1. Browse our site for items that you want to purchase. We’ve got thousands to choose from including electronics, wines & spirits, groceries, and appliances.

  1. Add products to your shopping cart and click “Go to Checkout.”

  1. If you already have a CoolMarket account, log in. If not, sign up for an account.

  1. Enter your shipping and billing address.

  1. Click “Next” then select the option to pay with Cash on Delivery.

  1. Click “Place Order”

  1. Afterwards, you’ll receive an order confirmation by email. We will contact you to confirm delivery of the item, including the total that should be paid on delivery before the product is shipped.

  1. Your items will be delivered to your door within 2 days. When it is, pay the courier the total amount listed in the confirmation email you received.

How Cool is that? But, you may have some more questions about paying with Cash on Delivery. Here’s some more information that you might find helpful if you’re considering using Cash on Delivery as a payment option.

Is there a service charge if I choose to pay with Cash on Delivery?

No, there is no service charge. What you pay will be the same as if you chose to pay by bank transfer, credit card or C-Pay.

What are the purchase limits for Cash on Delivery?

The purchase limit for the Cash on Delivery payment option is $90,000. However, there is no minimum.

What if I pay with Cash on Delivery and want a refund?

Currently, we have three options available for customers who want a refund after paying with Cash on Delivery. They are bank deposit, credit note or a CoolMarket gift certificate.

Is there a restriction on delivery locations for Cash on Delivery?

No, there isn’t a restriction on delivery locations for Cash on Delivery. No matter where in Jamaica you live, cash on delivery is the hassle-free way to pay.

Can I use Cash on Delivery to pay for part of my purchase?

Yes, you can! Each courier will be equipped with a point-of-sale machine, so you’re able to pay for your purchase with a debit or credit card and cash.

Cash on Delivery is one of the easiest ways for you to shop on CoolMarket! Skip the lines and find the products you want here. From groceries to furniture and electronics — Anything You Want, We’ve Got It!

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