Cleace Oven Cleaner CA002SN

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Cleace Oven Cleaner

Cleace oven cleaner 395g 

With a heated oven,it sometimes helps to remove unusually thick or sticky grease,but make sure the temperature is under200F,otherwise the foam could be heated boiling and causes injury,or be vaporized,dry out too fast .Wear heat prof gloves and eye protection while using.
With a regular condition oven,we recommend that use this spray after the oven cooled out,and do wear rubber gloves,avoid direct contact with the foam.
Make sure your floor or furniture would not get squirted on when using,you could use several pieces of old newspapers as protection.
Shake the can well before using.Hold can upright,spray on the oven surfaces from 6-12inches away.
Leave the foam for 5-15mins,then wipe it off thoroughly using wet sponge then dry cloth.
If needed,you can wash the can and nozzle with cold water directly after using.
Wash your hands if got squirted on.

Avoid any direct skin contact or oral contact with the content.Inhalation of the mist is also harmful.

First aid
Eye content:remove contact lens if you wear any and flush your eye with clean cold running water for 10minutes.And consult a physician immediately.
Skin contact:remove contaminated clothes,gloves,jewels or ornaments,flush your skin with water and use a soap to clean it thoroughly.And consult a physician.
Oral contact:Rinse your mouth several times just with water,IF SWALLOWED drink lots of water or milk,and call for medical help immediately.

Can be used on porcelain,enamel,steel ceramic and glass surfaces. Do not use on oven exterior surfaces,or aluminum,chrome ,baked enamel surfaces.Avoid spraying on any electrical connections such as heating element bolts,thermostat bulb receptacles,switches,plot lights,Do not use on continuous or self-cleaning ovens.

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