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Increase your brand’s awareness and revenue by placing your Ads in front of customers who are actively searching for products you sell, manufacture, or distribute. CoolMarket Advertising Services is a full-service solution tailored to your needs and fully supported by our team of digital and content experts, graphic designers, and Google Adwords
Advertise on Jamaica's largest online shopping platform and watch your revenues soar. No more guessing, speak to a rep today to start growing your sales revenue with CoolMarket Advertising Solutions.


Q: Who can advertise on CoolMarket?

A)    Anyone selling a product or service may advertise on CoolMarket

Q: What is CoolMarket Advertising Service (CAS)?

A)    CoolMarket Advertising service offers you the opportunity to connect with customers who are searching for your solutions, increase brand visibility, increase the profitability of your Cool Store through digital marketing channels

Q: What if I don’t want to sell my products on CoolMarket but would still like to advertise?

A)    You may advertise on CoolMarket without listing your products for sale on the website. However, we cannot guarantee results as we are limited to optimize your Ads for sales. If your products are listed on-site, we can ensure the customer journey is optimized for sales, resulting in improvements in your ROAS (Return on Ad spend)

Q: How do I sign-up for Advertising?

A)    You may create a free vendor account and discuss your needs with an agent or you may send us an email at

Q: Do you offer customized advertising packages?

A)    We understand the diversity of the marketplace and what our sellers require. As a result, we have created a variety of packages including building your own package, to appeal to any budget.

Q: How will I know how my Ads are doing?

A)    CoolMarket provides a performance report at your request. Speak with your business development agent.

Q) How do I get started?

 A) Call us at 876-371-3818







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