Flameless Battery Operated LED Candles 6 Pack

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Flameless LED Candles 6 Pack

Flameless LED Candles 6 Pack

Lighten Up Your Nights With A Warm, Ambient Atmosphere - Starting Tonight!

Do you enjoy beautiful evenings at home with your loved ones?
Are you looking for stylish and elegant ornaments to decorate your home with?

Forget The Mess & Risk Of Real Candles - Nobody Will Even Notice!

Real Flame-effect Candles

  • These dancing candles are so realistic that practically indistinguishable from traditional burning candles.

Real Wax & Elegant Design

  • The candle shell is made from paraffin wax,however, there is no burning wick, smoke, or messy dripping wax. They are perfect for places like bookshelves and bedrooms.
  • Smooth finish, classic ivory color, and elegant design use the Real Flame-effect Candles in locations where you would use real candles.

Flameless LED Candles 6 Pack

Product Details:

How to illuminating the Candle

  • Move the OFF-ON switch on the bottom to ON. The candle will illuminate until you manually move the switch to OFF.
  • ON-OFF button: Illuminating the Candle On=Off (Note:Before you use the Remote Control, switch the ON-OFF button to ON at the bottom of the LED candles).
  • TIMER: set On/Off Automatic Time feature, set to 2Hours/4Hours/6Hours/8Hours.
  • Mode: Candle-Non-Moving Flame;Light-Moving Flame.
  • Brightness Control: Left button to lower the brightness Right button to increase brightness.

Package Included

  • 9 x Flameless candles(H 4"x2.2,H 5"x2.2 ,H 6"x2.2 ,H 7"x2.2,H 8"x2.2 ,H 9"x2.2)
  • 2 x 10 key remote control
  • 1 x User Manual
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