Hive Haven Sorrel Ginger Honey- 177ml

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Hive Haven Sorrel Ginger Honey

A delightful and unique variety, our Sorrel Ginger Honey is a perfect addition to the holiday season. 

Hive Haven Sorrel Ginger Honey

A cherished Jamaican delicacy, sorrel and ginger both embody the spirit of Christmas with its rich, vibrant flavours and cultural significance. Crafted from the crimson petals of the sorrel plant and pieces of ginger, this festive elixir infuses warmth and tradition into the holiday season.

Whether drizzled over pastries, used as a glaze for meats, or enjoyed simply by the spoonful, sorrel ginger honey brings a taste of the Caribbean holiday spirit to every dish.

With its unique blend of sweet and tangy, sorrel ginger honey serves as more than just a condiment; it embodies the heart and soul of Jamaican Christmas, fostering a sense of community and shared joy during this special time of year.

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