Hive Tool - J Hook or L Hook Type for Beekeeping

The Essential Beekeeping Tool.  Your choice  - the classic “J-Hook” or the  “L-Hook” beekeeping hive tools

As low as J$1,540.00

The Essential Beekeeping Tool: The classic “J-Hook” and “L-Hook” beekeeping hive tools. The J-Hook tool is used to pry up stuck frames so they can be removed from the super. The scraper end is used to scrape away unwanted propolis, wax, and honeycomb from the hive. The “L-Hook” tool is used to easily lift up frames for inspection or so that they can be extracted of honey.

Hook end is used for prying frames out of supers. Opposite end is used for scrapingMade from chrome plated hardened and tempered steel with a durable red enamel applied to the handle section. The tools are guaranteed not to bend, deform, or tarnish and will give years and years of service.

EASY TO FIND: The bright red color makes the tool easy to find when you lay it down, and the hole is handy for hanging the tool when not in use.

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